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This is chapter nine from my 3rd E-Book, that will bring everyone plenty of good laughs

The Manual Particle Collector

          It was another day in the Widget factory, but morning meeting were now a thing of the past. It seems that management finally figured out what we knew all along, and that is that these morning meetings are nothing but a big waste of time and money. Now all of a sudden management wants us out on the floor when the bell rings with the equipment turned on and producing as many widgets as possible. Of course all of that isn't happening anyway.

         Most of the time you can look around on the production floor and you can see groups of people just standing around and talking. Over here there might be 5 people talking, and over there it might just be 2 people leaning on a conveyor and talking. The plant manager walks right by these groups of people looking away not saying a word. It's kind of funny because in place of the morning meetings there isn't anything happening anywhere on the widget floor. Our little gang is no different. Today everyone is talking about the new plant down the street that is getting ready to open.

         A few of the guys went down there to the blue building on Saturday, and got hired. Both Stinky and Sparky got hired, but little Henry didn't get hired. Little Henry wasn't the least bit happy about that either. Stinky said, "On Saturday I did my drug screen test, I-9's, and got my picture taken for my badge." Sparky said, "So did I." Little Henry on the other hand said, "Well I didn't, but since you took your your drug screen test, now we can all go out and do drugs." Stevie said, "That's an interesting idea. Where are you going Henry?"

         Little Henry said, "I have to go and find a manual particle collector, and I don't even have the slightest idea what that is." Stevie said, "Henry there are seven of them leaning on the wall right in front of you." Little Henry said "Where?" Stinky said, "What are you blind?" Little Henry, said all I see are a bunch of old dirty brooms." Stinky said, "Bingo Henry, a broom is a manual particle collector." Little Henry yelled, "Awesome Sauce! Why didn't the supervisor just say broom?" Stinky said, "You know how old O'Boyle the supervisor is Henry?" Little Henry said, "Yup, he's an idiot!" When Little Henry turned around a very mad red faced Supervisor O'Boyle was staring at Little Henry and motioning him to follow him to the office. As the two went off Stinky laughed and said, "This won't turn out good."

         To be continued ..........
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