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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2254140
written for my boyfriend
How much do I love you? Allow me to count the ways.

You have a big heart, the biggest heart I’ve ever know.

You have the prettiest smile, the smile that makes me weak in the knees and makes me fall at your feet.

You have eyes of blue that look like diamonds in the sun. Eyes that tell me things I’ve never heard before.

Every time you pull me close, I feel the warmth and affection radiating off you like sunbeams.

I feel your heart beat telling me I’m the best thing that ever happened to me.

Your love has washed away my distrust and instead, flowers of trust, respect and love took its place.

Home? Yeah, my home is you.

Right now, I know I can’t tell your arms around me before I drift off to sleep, but someday I will.

Right now, I don’t hear you whispering “I love you” in my ear before I close my eyes but someday I will.

Right now, I don’t see your eyes moving from my eyes to my lips before giving me a goodnight kiss but someday I will.

Someday there will be no separation, no waiting a week or two to see you. Someday, two different houses will become one.

That someday is right around the corner.
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