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An update on my summer-long festival of my creativity...
Well, it has been a month and a week since the start of my festival of creativity, One Sweet Summer, and this fun festival continues over at my blogs and my social media platforms; however, it won't be long before the curtain is going to close on this festival, and I plan on ending this festival sometime in mid-August, unless something happens that would change. So with that, there is not going to be too much time to enjoy the best of my original work, so my advice would be to just enjoy this wonderful summer-long festival while you can.
It has been a blast so far writing stuff for my blogs as well as creating the best artwork that I would ever create; if you would like to check out what I have written and drawn so far during One Sweet Summer, just visit my blogs, "Miss Jenn Webster" at www.msjennwebster.blogspot.com and the Tumblr-hosted It's Jenn W.! at www.itsjennw.tumblr.com.
I think that I have mentioned to you all before, but if you haven't, then I shall mention this again: I have always wanted to something like this in my life, an entire season of creating and writing my own things for me to share with all of you. Throughout this summer, I have done just that: Creating and sharing what I love to do with you. I am so very grateful to be blessed with the gift of my talents, and then having to use my gifts to share my talents with all of you. I hope that in the months to come, even after One Sweet Summer is over, I will continue to do more of the same.

But for right now, yours truly is not done yet-I still have a lot more to come in this summer-long event; I am even planning to bring you an original story to this here writing community. So with that, may I ask that you please stay tuned for more?
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