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July fifteen 2021
My for sale day on Amazon, Booktopia, and Barnes and Noble.com is July 15, 2021.
I had an interview with Kate DeLaney about my book which is supposed to air on some radio stations none of which were revealed to me. Apparently though it will be heard in 31 different U.S. states. DeLaney was nice to speak to. I think we would be friends if I knew her in person.

I am hoping my book will be entertaining, fascinating, and uplifting for all people. It focuses on people desiring to focus on the part of life that is above us all.

Moreover, I am happy to say my main character is female. And East Indian. She starts off a hard core atheist with no belief in: God, angels, demons, ghosts, or even aliens from/on other planets.

Book Trail has been yanking me around to vampire as much money as possible out of me.

I hope my book is a best seller and I hope someone will tell me how I will get the money
The highest desire I have for my book is that people will seek God and find God such that they let God in their lives.
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