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How my parents met and fell in love.
"Mother, please tell us how you met father."

As children, we were curious to know their love story. We wanted to know how they met and fell in love.

What she told us that evening, while sitting around the hearth in our small but beautiful thatched hut, would be forever edged in my memory. People have told, and I have heard many love stories. I have also read many beautiful and well-written love stories. Some of them were like fairy tales. However, our parents' love story, to me, is the best love story and a romantic miracle that had ever happened.

We were young then, but what she told us was beyond words to describe. Now that I have grown up, I have read hundreds of books, but I have never come across such an amazing love story. It is not fiction or imagination of any brilliant mind, but it was true.

She was in her late thirties. She had been selected as a delegate to attend the presbytery in another village about three hours' walk. To get there, they have to walk through the deep, beautiful ravines and cliffs on both sides of the river flowing in between. She had been a veteran in walking like this, as she had attended many such church meetings before. Many times, she and her friends walked hundreds of miles on foot to attend church meetings.

The host church selected the most qualified person to be the secretary of the church to organize this big event. The person selected was a schoolteacher, a widower with two sons. This was the first time that such a big event was held in their church.

Everything went well except that on Sunday evening, when the last service was over when someone found the Bible leftover on the bench used for sitting by the delegates. They brought the Bible to the secretary. He opened the Bible and found the name and address of the owner written inside. He tried searching for that woman who left the Bible, but it was late and the crowd had already dispersed and left to stay in their respective allotted houses, arranged by the church.

The woman had forgotten about the Bible. They were happily chatting with friends and singing hymns and songs. They spent the last night of their stay in the house of their host by singing songs and hymns well past midnight.

The next morning on Monday, after breakfast, they packed their bags and left for their respective villages. After about three hours' walk, that woman reached home. As she was too tired from the walk, she did not immediately open her bag. Later in the evening, she unpacked her bag. It was then that she found out that her most prized possession; the Bible was not there.

She frantically searched for the Bible, but it was not there. She could not remember where she left it. Probably, she thought, she had left it in the church where she attended the presbytery. She could not go back to that village searching for her lost Bible. She prayed and hoped that whoever found her Bible would return it to her.

Meanwhile, the secretary of the church did everything in his capacity to find the owner of the Bible. However, later that day they came to know that the woman, the owner of the Bible, had already left for her village.

Someone from the church teased the secretary that the woman knew him being a widower and therefore, she intentionally left the Bible for him to find so that he would have to deliver it back to her and marry her.

After inquiries, the secretary met a person who knew the woman's family. This person told him that the woman is tall, beautiful, and religious, in her late thirties, and specifically told him she is still single. He also told that she was from a respectable family.

Through a series of events, the secretary of the church, along with that person who knows the woman's family, came to the woman's house to deliver the Bible.

On that fateful day, the secretary of the church, along with that person, came to the woman's house. After walking for hours, they reached the woman's house. The woman was eagerly waiting for them to receive back her beloved Bible.

After the traditional welcome, introduction, and formalities, the secretary opened his bag, took out the Bible, and handed it over to the woman. It was at this moment, with their eyes fixed on each other while handing and taking over the Bible, that they fell in love.

Throughout their life, happy or sad, in joy or hardship, in health or sickness, whenever they looked at the Bible, their eyes glowed and it reminded them of how they met. It strengthened them to go through life despite all the challenges they faced.
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