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the first part of my Space Diary of Elizabeth Goodall
First Historical vlog from space.
The only true weapon in the world was in flames, slowly collapsing into itself.
People screaming and crying; on their knees in front of its open gates, watching flames consume it from inside out. Screams of pain and betrayal filled the air.
Police that was standing in the ling in front of the buildings, suddenly – as they were robots – got out their guns and started shooting at people. Most mourning people did not run and they became quiet. They stood up and looked their killers in their eyes.
They fell silently, hoping someone in the future will resist the government much more than they were able to. With more courage and louder voice.
Across America thousands of libraries burnt. Millions mourned, Europe stood in fear and out of that fear ordered their libraries protected. All Asia starting to put soldiers, police and guards in front of their libraries. Australia built vaults in the desert and had hidden all their books underground.
All world stood in mourning silence as there came the screams. Long mournful screams.
Books, magazines, newspapers. Everything burnt to ashes in a few short hours. The world remembered its history. Every book burning in history and what it brought for humanity. Long dark eras of erasure of any kind of knowledge and difference.
They locked up every scientist, historian, librarian and writer that wasn't there when they destroyed the books. New concentration camps for a new fascist country.
“Please return to your homes immediately. Destroy every written word you possess and stay inside. We are doing this for your own safety. Do not try to hide books or try to run“ A cracked voice, hardly-understandable because of static came out of speakers around American continent every evening for months. And the books burnt.
People were too scared to resist and burnt what they had at their homes. But some people resisted or weren't fast enough for the police and they dragged them on the streets and shot them after they have set their houses on fire. Most of them were elderly or professors, writers, poets, journalists who were a threat to the new-forming country.
The other parts of the world were horrified.
“The murder of knowledge”, “mass killing of intelligence”, “the fourth reich?”, “war on intelligence” read the front pages of newspapers around the globe.
People rose and protests against America’s politics started. There were mixed people of all ages and classes on them, with their transparents that read: “Against killing off the knowledge”, “the fire consumed history. Don’t let it consume people”, “Professors, librarians, writers, poets; We are sorry. We promise to keep your memory alive.”. Quotes from books like Hunger Games, Divergent, Fahrenheit 451, 1984 and so many others were written on simple cardboards and risen above the heads of people.
People were afraid. Governments were afraid. So slowly they closed their borders to America, calling their citizens back home. As America got cut off from the world it all became quiet. Very quiet.
A year passed. And another and then yet another.
The world was peaceful. No more wars. America called home their troops and UN started doing what they should have done a long time. Uniting nations.
Under watchful eyes of many continents prospered, solved the climate change problems as much as they could, getting to new inventions, started their long-term space programs,…
Books were written and thousands of copies made, the books were saved on thousand servers just to preserve them in case of catastrophy. Just to make memories last. To let others that will came after us remember us.
Sometimes our satellites would catch American TV signals. They were mostly just propaganda and crap like talking and reality shows. It looked like America tried to create the idea of Uthopian society in the brains of its citizens.
After years frightened world tried knocking to America’s walls and America allowed some tourists in there but soon whispers started to circle. Whispers about their new system, new entertainment – wall TVs, firemen burning the houses in which they find books at night, so the fire can be seen from far away. Taking the residents to insane asylums or killing them with their books. People feared for their lives and knowledge.
There was an affair that made America close its borders once again. A Spanish girl was flying over the Atlantic regularly to visit relatives that lived in America and she smuggled a few books every trip for the outcasts. Well, they got her and forbid to ever step a foot on American soil ever again. They did not do anything to her family since they had no idea she was smuggling books to outcasts out in the wilderness.
They closed their borders again and slowly became the rejects of the world. They cut their ties with the world and became one of the countries of “the third world”.
Other countries were building brighter future for everyone. We advanced enough to feed everyone, give everyone equal free healthcare, free education, resources for any scientific research they wanted. There were years of peace and prosperity.
The generation that witnessed the fall of the world as we knew it was the Gen Z or later called Generation Alien as we were the generation in charge when first aliens arrived and made contact with human species. With their help we bettered our space flight and even learnt how to manipulate time and space.
I am one of them. I am one of the Generation Alien. Schooled and trained in public schools and later sent on Space University to become one of the Terrestial diplomats and space mechanics. And today I am on my way to the 50th Galactic Council with my colleagues and friends.
First Historical Vlog is complete.
Elizabeth Goodall logging out
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