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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #2255071
I'm having t-shirts made up
The neighborhood where I live now
has formed a social club.
Maybe I would join this group
if they met in a pub.

Alas, they may be social but
they are a stuffy bunch
who’d rather meet inside a room
and share a potluck lunch.

I formed an anti-social club -
the only member’s me.
But I am really fine with that;
I’m president, you see.

We don’t have any meetings and
there aren’t any dues.
There are no minutes to hand out;
there isn’t any news.

I’m having t-shirts made up soon,
our motto’s on the back.
It says it all - Just Go Away.
(They only come in black.)

The nicest thing about my club
is when we take a vote.
Whatever I say becomes law;
I’m captain of this boat.

Now you may think that I’m a crank
and maybe that is true.
But I think you are jealous ‘cause
I’m president, not you.

I know you want to join this club
but that would break our rule.
If I let other people in
I’d be a social fool.

Well-l-l, maybe we can get along
and you can join my club.
Just bring your wallet with you and
let’s head down to the pub.

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