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A Fun Summer Children Story Series PART 1
I finally have all my bags packed and stacked neatly in the back of my family "FORD EXPEDITION TRUCK," truck, "as I was turning around, "I heard something in the bushes." I walked over to the bushes on the other side of our driveway, "hello" "whose there"? I said, very scaredly, the noise sounded like a wounded animal. I moved my hand around in the bushes and out jumped my brother Jerimayne, "ahhh" I let out "A LOUD SCREAM." "I GOT YOU!" Jerimayne said to me. "That is so not funny!" I told him almost teary eyed. " I am telling mom that you are scaring me again!" I yelled, as I chased him in the house. "Cut it out you two" our mom told us and Jerimayne please help me carry my bags," to the truck," "then after go get your brothers from upstairs." "Lalilanna" "you can go get Jeniyah" "I'm sure she needs help carrying her bags down," my mom ordered me to do.

While my brother Jerimayne helped my mom put her bags in the truck, I walked back in the house, still mad at my brother for scaring me like that. I went upstairs to my little sister bedroom, "Jeniyah" let's go sissy" "I'm going to help you carry your bags out to the truck" I said grabbing two of her bags from her bed. "Wait a minute "Lalianna" Jeniyah said. "My dolly Gabriellea is missing her shoe," "I need to find it!" "PLEASE HELP ME" find it Lali" "Alright we need to hurry!" I told my little sister. I looked under Jeniyah's bed, "I found it!" "Gabriellas shoe," "I reached out to put on the doll shoe, "Jeniyah snatched it from me," "thanks!" "but she likes when I put on her shoes," I looked at her doll and Gabriella face had a smirk on it. "Your doll is half smiling at me, Jeniyah," that is so creepy," I said with wide eyes. "OK we gotta go, grab Gabriella and be behind me with your other bags," I walked out of her bedroom and downstairs. "I was just starting to come and get you girls," my dad said with a stern look."I'll take these for you and put them in the truck," My dad said as he took Jeniyah's bags from my shoulders. Jeniyah came brushing pass me walking fast with her other bags and her doll Gabriella.

I'm sitting in the back seater with with my little sister, Jeniyah, my twin brother Lonnie and Jerimayne are sitting in the middle seater and my older brother Tyler Jr is sitting in a whole seater to himself. My mom, she's in the passenger's seat and my dad is locking up our house and getting our dog. I opened my door and let our dog in, "hey come here" "Bosey" I said as she crawled up in the middle seater between me and Jeniyah. I closed my door and buckled my seat belt back. My dad he got in the driver's side he buckled up and "STARTED UP THE TRUCK". "Is everyone ready to go on this family Summer Vacation?" My dad asked us, Yeah!" Me and my siblings yelled," "Great!" because we will all have an fantastic time as a family," my mom said enthusiastically. As we were riding on the road, my little sister Jeniyah, blurted out" "Mom and Dad" "Gabriella said this is going to be A SCARY FAMILY VACATION!" My dad instantly stopped the truck in the middle of the road and both of my parents said," "What!" at the same time. Me and my brothers said, "she's joking right!"

.......................TO BE CONTINUED.......STAY TUNNED For more PART 2 next TUESDAY. My Reviewers this is a fun scary children story, it's not meant to scary anyone.

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