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The world has changed, but for some folk the values remain the same.
I admire poems written in a colloquial style, such as "Home" by Edgar A. Guest. This poem is my feeble attempt to emulate that style.

When I was young, th' world made sense,
and wa'n't so awfully frightful.
Folk mostly did the way they should,
and weren't so nary spiteful.
We'd pull our weight through life 'n' then
give others what was rightful.

Where once a handshake sealed our trust,
these days all hands are suspect.
Back then, all measures were assumed,
but nowdays counted plus checked!
We never had to live in fear
of ev'ry party plus sect.

Now, I won't say the world's all bad.
It seems a bit confused though.
The toil for wage makes some folk sad,
but very few refuse dough;
and lots o' folk chase ev'ry fad
to keep themsel's amused so!

I kind o' wonder whether God
keeps up with mankind's morals;
and if He does, what thoughts He has
'bout all our writs and orals.
I doubt that when He reads our laws,
he'll grant us many laurels!

When I was young, our elders taught
us how to live and act right.
They taught us how to compromise,
and how to share and not fight.
They taught us rudeness rarely works
in quite the way that tact might.

When I was young, we said The Pledge
and proudly faced Ol' Glory!
In school we learned of duty from
our nation's epic story.
I learned to work and not to have
another do it for me.

As time flies on, I hope to see
more people stop to ponder
just what this life is all about,
and daily to grow fonder
of theirs and ev'ry other soul
which through these days doth wander.

December 08, 2019
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