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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Food/Cooking · #2255673
Imagine a world without chocolate
I searched in the drawer for some chocolate
I scoured the closet as well
But there was no chocolate
Wherever I looked
Well, this day was gonna be hell

Imagine if chocolate just vanished
And there was no chocolate to find
No chocolate to munch on
No chocolate to lick
It could drive me out of my mind

I really just needed some chocolate
I checked my emergency stash
But that too was empty
No chocolate in there
My body was starting to crash

Imagine a world without chocolate
Not one bit of chocolate on earth
No chocolate chip cookies
No chocolate creams pies
What would some dark chocolate be worth?

I grabbed the cars keys from the counter
Ran out and got into the car
I started the heap up
And stepped on the gas
The grocery store wasn’t too far

Imagine if chocolate was outlawed
And there was no chocolate to eat
No chocolate to nibble
No chocolate to bite
No chance of a sweet chocolate treat

I raced all the way in a panic
And quickly ran into the store
I grabbed several boxes
Then took all the rest
And soon looked around for some more

I knew that there must be more chocolate
And found chocolate bars right away
I scooped up a handful
Then added some more
To save for my next desperate day

I paid for the chocolate on credit
It could be I maxed out my card
I knew it was worth it
And I didn’t care
My cravings were hitting me hard

I stuffed myself there in the car lot
Just standing right outside the store
I ate lots of chocolate
And though I was full
I thought about eating some more

But then I came round to my senses
And my chocolate craving was gone
I started the car up
And drove slowly home
So my normal life could go on

… until the next time

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