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An article about what plans I have once summer ends.
Well, today is the beginning of the first week of the month of August, and the month of August means that we are nearing the end of summer for most of us; with that, it is time for me to look back at what I have accomplished throughout this summer season, and I am thinking that I have done a pretty good job in providing readers with as much distraction as possible from the news of the day during the COVID-19 crisis.
I am satisfied with what I have done; of course, I would be keeping busy in practicing my writing even after this summer-long festival of my own original work, One Sweet Summer, will be over soon. Indeed, I have had such a wonderful time writing, creating, and then sharing my work with all of you; however, I plan to continue to do more of the same after this summer showcase is finished.
Meanwhile, there are plans aplenty for me for the future; first, I am planning on doing a combination of Kindle and paperback books, and I plan to do a trio of that combo in the future, so that is going to be something for you readers to look forward to in the coming year and hopefully beyond. In addition, I plan on writing some drafts for pilot stories that I hope will become a series; however, nothing is etched in stone yet, but I am hoping that somewhere down the road I will announce something special with you.

And now, getting back to what I have just mentioned, it is certain that the summer-long festival One Sweet Summer is coming to an end, and while I am a little bit sad that it is ending, I am also excited at what the coming future would hold for me next: Just as summer is an exciting time to show off your writing creativity, fall is just as wonderful, and that means you get to practice your talent a whole lot more.
I for one do not have any idea of what any kind of future would hold for me, but I am ready to face it with a courageous heart and a brave soul.
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