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Complimentary map for navigating Rhymer’s port…
short stories

Dear Me (2021)  (18+)
My submission for the competition for WDC, Dear Me
#2243072 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow

           This is my piece for the "Dear Me: Official WDC Contest. It was the second piece I put on WDC, and it was the first piece I’ve entered into any competition. I had no idea what I was doing when I jumped into it, having only been here for a couple of weeks at that time. I still haven’t gone back to clean it up since I posted it…quite frankly, I’m scared of how bad it is. Some day…but not now. And that’s the point of this piece being here…it’s so bad, but it’s where I started as far as competitions. I went on the next month to receive second place in the February round of "Quotation Inspiration: Official Contest. The moral here is to start somewhere and go from there.
Rainbow Breaker

After  (E)
I was curious how the ride on the plane went...(265 wds)
#2242720 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow

           "After was the first piece I posted to WDC. It’s horrible. No, seriously. I’ve only kept it to remind myself from whence I came and whatnot. My mentor in real life, Fyninstein , told me I needed to put something up in my port, and I was wanting to try flash-fiction. And I wrote it on Inauguration Day…again, it’s bad. Bad. This is not one I can really stand by, but I love that it reminds me I’ve trekked a long journey so far.
Blue Squiggly

 To Be The Man (4245 wds)  (18+)
The woods are a great place to take care of darker urges...
#2243517 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow

           I wrote this piece for fun, maybe the third one I put on WDC. It’s also the first story where I put more of me into it, and I think those details are obvious to those who are great at reading between the lines. At the same time, don’t get story twisted with reality. I don’t think I’ve ever been dead before. I feel like I’d be able to recall that. I’m from Oklahoma, and this is the first piece I set in my homestate, including beliefs from the Choctaw tribe…what I didn’t know, I made up and called it another tribe.
Red Squiggly

A Bad Abaddon  (E)
A special outcast feels special things...(2nd Place, “Quotation Inspiration, 02.21)
#2245579 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow

           Okay, so I’m still excited about this story, even six months after writing it. It was the second time I entered a main competition, February’s round of “Quotation Inspiration”, and somehow I placed second. I’m curious about mythologies and origin stories, and for "A Bad Abaddon, I researched the demons and gods of Judaism. I was really surprised with how much I didn’t know about Judaism and the more ancient beliefs.
Blue Squiggly

 Legacy of a Void Chapter One  (18+)
What makes a void? (1473 words)
#2246505 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow

Survival of the Sapiens  (E)
They have to save the Homosapiens, no other way...
#2247520 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow

Lessons from LeeLoo  (E)
This kitten knows how to turn a Monday around!
#2247505 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow

Interview with LeeLoo  (E)
After the world-wide success of “Lessons from LeeLoo”, she agrees to an interview.
#2249023 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow

There’s No Magic in Oklahoma  (E)
There is no magic in Oklahoma. Except...there is. (Magic Words Comp 05.21)
#2249517 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow

Connor’s Conundrums  (E)
At 18 years old, Connor is a man! Now what? Coffee!
#2251493 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow

Retail Revenge  (GC)
Customers can only dish so much attitude before retail workers break…everything…
#2255540 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow

Reisen’s Seasons  (E)
Rhymer goes on trial for being…human?
#2255680 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow

Poetry banner

High Men of Rhymers  (E)
My first stab at poetry...
#2248614 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow

Reincarnation  (E)
I’m feeling…a lot…are we?
#2254064 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow

Where I’m Supposed to Be  (E)
I can’t write if I’m too busy watching others…
#2254689 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow

 Tales of Tales  (E)
Charisma can build and destroy…
#2255678 by Rhymer of the Rotted Rainbow
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