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by TraTra
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Jake is a teen who transforms into a werewolf and goes through difficulties in his life.
In Jackson,Mississippi,on Valentines day there was a family called the Roses. The mother was pregnant with two twin boys. She was going into labor and her husband rushed her to the hospital. She was taking deep breaths while sweating on her way to the hospital. 20 minutes later in total the babies were born. The mother named them Jake and Jacobe. Jake has blonde hair and baby blue eyes with a mixed skin tone. Jacobe has blonde hair and baby blue eyes with a lighter skin tone. Jake is born with unique powers and abilities. His father didn't like the powers Jake was developing. Since he was a werewolf, he knew Jake was probably gonna be extra dangerous with the extra powers. The mother and father argued about this situation for like 2 weeks until they had a divorce.The father took custody of Jacobe and left the family. A year went by and the mother met someone knew, eventually got pregnant with a girl. She later named that girl Riley. Another year went by and she got pregnant again with another girl, later named Hellen. When Jake was seven years old, these 4 men dressed in all black suits would come to the house twice a week to take Jake away for power testing. Of course the mother never knew what they was doing to him. Jake was so scared and traumatized that he never told his mom what happened. Eventually he told her and she put him in therapy. When he turned eight years old he started taking self-defense classes. He also has a favorite friend and her name is Lulu. Since Jake's family is already rich, his family is richer because of his step-dad.
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