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Kevin Hart was totally hilarious on his Olympic coverage.
         The Tokyo Games are on track to be the most expensive summer Olympics ever, with the pandemic adding to mounting economic losses it is still great to watch on television. It was great seeing a 19 year old American girl paddle herself to a gold medal. It was fun watching the Jamaicans dominate the men's running events. It was great watching a big American man win a medal throwing that heavy shot put as far as he could, and Olympic girls dive off of a three story diving board where a little 14 year old Chinese girl easily won the gold medal. I saw two American women win the gold in volleyball. It was also very interesting watching rock climbing events, which I didn't even know was an Olympic event until this year. However, nothing prepared me for watching Kevin Hart do a commentary about the men's Olympic baton relay race.

         Last, but hardly not least, my home boy from Maryland Kevin Durant, also known simply by his initials KD, lead the U.S. men's basketball team to a gold medal. It wasn't an easy victory over France, but KD and company did hold France off in the final minutes for the win by 5 points of 87-82. Later I watched the U.S. Women's Basketball team win a gold medal by beating Japan 90-75. One thing that I will praise the woman's Japanese basketball team for and that is they showed a lot of appreciation for winning the silver medal then anyone else I have ever seen. The closing ceremonious were pretty cool to watch as well.

         When they first mentioned that Kevin Hart was going was going to speak about the Olympics I was confused and didn't know what to think. I wasn't even sure that I wanted to watch it. But before I could grab the television remote Kevin Hart was in high gear. I thought he was funny in the movies Jumanji, Night School, and Get Hard, but his bit on the men's Olympic baton relay race was totally hilarious. I highly recommend you watching it, too. If you miss seeing Kevin's bit on the Olympics, I'm sure you could always Google it or watch it on YouTube.

         I actually watched Kevin Hart talk about the men's Olympic baton relay race twice, and it was even funnier the second time around. Before Kevin even spoke an announcer said that Kevin Hart's comment weren't necessarily the point of view of the Olympic committee. He was as funny as could be talking how the Americans keep dropping the baton. He couldn't understand why the American men couldn't hold onto to the baton. Kevin even demonstrated the proper technique in the studio on how to pass the baton to the next runner. Thanks to Kevin Hart this year the American men actually did hold tightly onto to the baton, but the Jamaicans were much too fast for them, and all of Kevin Hart's tips for the men's Olympic baton relay race were in vein. However later on in the Olympics the American women actually did win the Olympic baton relay race. I'm sure Kevin was proud, and thought he helped. You got to see Kevin's commentary, and I promise you that you will laugh.

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