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A story about a man's thoughts about what we have been through recently...
With all of the changes that have been going on in recent days, maybe it is just a good time to go to the playground and just think about how things in this life could have been handled more differently...
And so, it was that I decided to pay a visit to the playground and just to do a lot of thinking for a time about an uncertain future. Why has our future become so uncertain? Why can't we think about a happy future? And why can't we also think about much better things? Well, those are in themselves uncertain. But what I could say is this: No good news is bad news. I wished with all of my heart that we could have a much better and happy life; unfortunately, the chances of that going to happen are as slim as anything.
We all thought that we would finally be going to get out of this pandemic because everyone is vaccinated and that the cases are starting to go down; but once things start to turn upside down again, then we go back to wondering when the pandemic would ever end. And we all thought that Afghanistan would be living in peace. But even that is not going to happen, at least not yet; fighting has happened, and we do not know how this would be played out nor would it ever end either.

As I sat on the bench at the playground, I began to think about those things, and a whole lot more; maybe in such an uncertain time, it is best just to stop, pause, and be quiet while thinking how much better things have been for us. Now, we have all been trapped in this time of uncertainty, and are still trapped; we all begun to feel that in such a time as this, we do not have any choice but to ride such a storm out and to wait for some good thing, ANY kind of good thing to come along. Do you want to know something else? I would very much like to have a lot of good things because good things make me happy.
But since we cannot have any of that, at least not yet, the best that all of us could ever do is to pause, hope, and pray, because that could just be the most important thing that one could ever do. And I am still doing that, praying for a happy and much better life while I am sitting on the bench of the playground on a rather beautiful sunny day...
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