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A piece of poetry about the impending end.
You should know that the end is really near,
when the Hospice nurse comes to visit here.

I've now seen her twice,
she seems to be rather nice.

She takes my vitals before she goes,
for what ever reason I don't know.

My blood pressure is always high,
sometimes way up into the sky

All in all the visit went just fine,
I will see her again the next time.

As time goes by until I see her again,
I'll just patiently wait until the very end.

There will never be much fame
while waiting for the end game

Click on picture to collect

When the next screen appears
scroll down & click on the
green box that says collect.
Now it's yours forever & ever.

(Note: The picture here I took off of the television. It was the very last ending scene from Clint Eastwood's movie - "Unforgiven". This is where it was written about Mrs. Feathers taking a long trip to visit her daughter's grave. You may remember this picture if you are old enough.)
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