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I figured for my 70th article that I would write a little something about the 70"s era.
         The 1970s are remembered as an era when the women's rights, gay rights and environmental movements competed with the Watergate scandal, the energy crisis and the ongoing Vietnam War for the world's attention. The 21st century historians have portrayed the 1970s as a "pivot of change" in world history, focusing especially on the economic upheavals that followed the end of the postwar economic boom. I grew up in this decade going to school during all of it. I didn't graduate until 1981. Our class song was - "Drinking, smoking, and having fun. we are the class of 1981." Now here's a list of 21 things that should sound familiar if you if you grew up sometime around the 1970"s.

Here's 21 Reasons We're Glad That We Grew Up in the '70s-

1) Music came in vinyl, cassette, and 8-track.
2) School lunches had a flexible definition of "healthy."
3) Bowl cuts were considered fashionable, and the clothes were insane.
4) We'd head to the video arcade with a pocket full of quarters.
5) We experienced Star Wars movie for the first time with zero expectations.
6) A private phone call depended on the length of your rotary phone cord.
7) It was possible to open junk mail without worrying about viruses.
8) Everyone worshiped that Farrah Fawcett poster.
9) Nothing was more joyously terrifying than the movie Jaws.
10) Shag carpeting made the best bed in history.
11) We were allowed outside without parental supervision.
12) Riding your bike didn't require extra equipment.
13) Saturday mornings were reserved for cartoons.
14) Rocks counted as pets.
15) We learned everything we needed to know from Schoolhouse Rock.
16) We'd stay up late just to watch Saturday Night Live.
17) Long road trips happened in the back of your family's station wagon.
18) If somebody wanted to bully you, they had to do it in person.
19) Mood rings explained (or dictated) our feelings.
20) Nobody was cooler than the Fonz.
21) The world felt more safe and secure because of Fred Rogers, plus we had both Sesame Street and The Muppet Show for entertainment.

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