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by Mac
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One month later, Vivi is ready to take her throne.
One Month Later

Igaram and his wife were running around the palace making sure everything was ready. After a month of mourning ordered by the new queen, Vivi, today was her coronation ceremony. Helping the pair out were new members of the Royal Court Bon Clay and Josue, two people Vivi had transferred over from Baroque Works to be closer to her.

Bon Clay, Vivi had transferred over to be her bodyguard, Vivi liked being around him, because she found him funny, plus he was stronger than Igaram or anyone else currently in service of the palace so him being her bodyguard made sense. His Devil Fruit ability to look like anyone also allowed him to look like a normal guard to draw any possible assassins into a false sense of security or in an emergency he could also appear as Vivi.

Josue was a much more personal pick. Vivi had grown to enjoy his company once she had finally gotten his personality right and Igaram had also grown to like him. Igaram had taken him under his wing and was training him in palace culture. It was also to make up for the fact that he had been beat up by Crocodile when he was conversing with Vivi before his death, the one thing she had not predicted when she had told Crocodile how to act that day.

Vivi ignored the worried group of four and went to a separate room to meet with her most trusted advisor. Her and Robin were going to go over the speech Robin had written for the day. Robin was wearing a pair of glasses and going over the script word by word looking for mistakes. Robin's obsession over Vivi's speech was a new part of Robin's personality that Vivi had instilled.

Two weeks ago, the pair were working on a hypnosis script and Robin seemed to be enjoying herself while writing it so Vivi asked Robin if she wanted to do it more often. Not wanting to disappoint Vivi, Robin agreed that she would. Vivi then proceeded to put Robin under with her dance and told her that she wanted to write the best speeches and hypnosis scripts for Vivi every time Vivi was set to speak. By giving the speech and script writing duties to Robin it allowed Vivi to concentrate on other things, such as what to do with the members of Baroque Works, and how to lead the country. Vivi read over the current version of the speech and was satisfied with the speech, however Robin was still making small tweaks, for grammar in some parts and in other parts to make Vivi's ideas shine more brightly.

Vivi was always impressed by Robin's devotion, but this time Robin was looking even farther ahead than she normally was, she had explained it to Vivi the day before.

"If everything goes according to plan, this speech will be studied and read for millenniums." Robin, who was still a historian at heart, knew the importance of speeches by leaders. She explained to Vivi that Gol D. Rodger had started an entirely new age with just a few sentences, a speech by Vivi could be worth even more. So Vivi allowed Robin to tinker with the speech as much as she wanted.

Finally, Igaram entered the room the pair had been writing in, and cleared his throat in his unique way and Vivi and Robin looked over him "The transponder snails are ready, the square is full, and reports are coming in that the squares are full all over the country."

Vivi smiled at this news, she had declared that the whole country should watch her coronation and speech, with the goodwill she had gained by killing the killer of the king, who was also the leader of the killers of Pell and Chaka, two of the most popular people in the entire country, it was not hard to get people on her side and willing to do at least this. As Vivi had hoped, Pell and Chaka's deaths were attributed to Crocodile and his cronies.

Vivi was wearing a nice lime green dress. In addition, she wore some makeup, had her nails done, took a nice long bath that morning, and had Igaram's wife do her hair so it was done in the u cut style. She had originally considered a pink dress, pink had been her favorite color, but since she joined Baroque Works her taste had changed, now her favorite color was lime green, the same color as the clothes she wore as Mistress Wednesday.

Vivi closed her eyes, hid the two pages in her dress and started to walk towards the balcony where her father had died and where she would be crowned for the whole country to see. The place where he laid dead had been roped off, and a single flower had been placed there by Vivi that morning. She was hopeful that some reporter had seen her and would report it the next day.

Vivi walked onto the balcony and for the first time saw the number of people that had come for her coronation. She didn't know how many there were, but there must have been tens of thousands of people in the crowd. Vivi smiled, the country was coming back together, and she was going to be the reason.

She stood there and Igaram walked up beside her carrying the crown of Alabaster. He stood beside her then walked up to the mic that had been set up.

"Me me me", he began, then glanced down at Vivi while the crowd quieted down, "she will be fine, she is just as strong as her mother and father were", he thought to himself before starting his part of the ceremony.

"It has been a rough time for the country of Alabaster. We have barely survived an attempt to take over the country. Sadly, in the process we lost many great men." Igaram paused and thought through them, the sacrifices needed to have Vivi take the throne.

"Chaka, my second in command for the Royal Guard. He was a truly great man who I thought of as a brother. He loved this country more than almost anyone I knew. He was able to take out many villains over the years in defense of our great country, and I will truly miss him." Igaram paused, before saying the next name.

"Pell", Igaram said his name and a humongous cheer came from the crowd. Igaram looked at the crowd and a small smile formed on his face. "No one loved Alabaster or its people more than Pell, he was our greatest champion, the man who, even if you hated the king, even if you thought the country was doing wrong, you knew he would do the right thing. That cheer you just gave him, that showed it more than any words I could ever say, Pell loved his country and you all loved him back. I think that would make him the most happy." Igaram wiped some tears that had formed on his face talking about his two friends than talked about the king.

"Finally, King Nefertari Cobra." Igaram paused, but a cheer did not come this time. Igaram sighed and continued. "Let me tell you a story about our king. Two months ago, we found a barrel full of Dance Powder in a warehouse in Alubarna. Some of our men celebrated this find, the fact that we had not had rain in a long time, we knew what the drought was doing to this country, we had meetings everyday about it.

We reported it to the king, and he ordered the barrel destroyed. He said we would not destroy another country's ecosystem for one day of rain, no matter how much it would help us. That was what the king did, he would make the decisions that no one else wanted to make. That night, I walked by his room and he was crying, he was crying for the country he loved so much and how it and the people who lived here were suffering.

The next day, we got a new order, the palace would cut its water flow except for emergencies. The king, me, the palace guards, even Vivi here only had one bath a week after that, and that was only because we were forced to meet with dignitaries from other countries and had to be presentable when meeting them." Igaram looked up at the sky seeming to try to reach the former king. "I'm sorry I told them." He said, then looked back down at the crowd.

The crowd had gone silent, they had not known how hard things had been for the king. On the outside Vivi was putting on a brave face, anyone who saw her could tell that she was crushed hearing that story being told by Igaram, except for one fact.

It was not true, not that Igaram knew, he thought it was real as well, it being placed by Vivi during a hypnosis session. Robin had thought it would be good to prep the audience with a story about how good Vivi's father was, something to help get the country off their want of leadership outside of the royal family. If Cobra had been the type of man who would do what Igaram thought he did, what Vivi had implanted in his mind, Vivi would not have needed to take over. The truth was, he never even knew that Dance Powder had been smuggled into the country. In fact, her father and Vivi when she was actually at the palace instead of working with Baroque Works continued to have baths everyday.

With his remembrance of the three lost done Igaram motioned Vivi forward. She stood next to him before bowing down. "Princess Vivi, with this crown you become the new queen of Alabaster, may your reign be long and exceptional." Igaram pulled out the crown, showed it to the crowd and placed it onto Vivi's head to massive cheers.

Vivi stood up and motioned Igaram to clear the area, she then stared out at the crowd, full of people still cheering. She smiled, and closed her eyes, taking in the cheers and power she had just received. She bowed to the crowd, which brought on another round of cheers from everyone in the crowd. She then put her hand up to motion that she wished to speak. The crowd quieted down and Vivi pulled out the speech that she and Robin had written and she began.

"I have been on an adventure. It was a journey of hope across a sea of despair. I left Alabaster, the country I love, behind to try to save it. I wish I could say I struggled the whole time, but I didn't. On my quest to save this country I made new friends, I met new people, people who helped me realize how much I love it here." Vivi closed her eyes and thought of Miss All Sunday, Josue, Bon Clay, and the other members of Baroque Works that she had met.

"During my travels I had rough times, times where I wondered if I was strong enough to save this country. Did I love my country enough, the people enough to save it?" Vivi thought about being embarrassed by Bertrade, having to kill Lassoo, having to kill Finbarr, all the times where she wondered, was she right, when she had been weak.

"My friends told me to do what I thought was right, to do what I thought would save my country. When I fell into darkness, they were the ones who gave me the push to keep moving forward, they were able to push me towards the light at the end of the tunnel." Vivi then paused, and looked up for a moment, then continued.

"I tried to stop Crocodile on my own, I tried to save the kingdom on my own, but I failed. I failed and it cost me my father's life, it cost this country its great king." Vivi paused, her father's dying face while she held him flashing before her eyes, before continuing.

"After my failure, I thought about leaving this country, putting someone like Igaram in charge, but he said I shouldn't. He said to me that only I would do what I did for this country, only I could go so far, and I do not know if he is right, I just do not know. My friends say I should stay, that only I could lead Alabaster, that they would stay by me to help me, and I, I think I will take them up on it because there is one fact that I can never ignore, no matter how horrible things get, no matter how dark I felt, or how sad I was, one truth also stood out to me." Vivi paused and looked at the audience, her subjects and she could feel it in her heart, why she did all this.

"I love this country." Vivi said, putting an end to her speech.

There were a few murmurs in the audience questioning who she was talking about before there were drowned out by the cheers of the audience. Vivi listened to the near deafening cheers, Robin had done it, she had made a speech which was the perfect way to start her reign, it showed her weakness, strength, and resolve to save her kingdom no matter what. When the newspapers reported on it the next day the whole world would have a particular image of the new queen of Alabaster. Vivi was not done however.

Vivi threw off her nice dress and underneath it was her spiral shirt, after tying her hair into a ponytail like when she was Mistress Wednesday she then started her dance.
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