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#85 from the pendulum

Windows chintzed
With Violet's bitter highness,
Wicked nights
Have hidden hiccups in time.
Nivita hums to herself,
Churning thoughts into words,
While basket weavers vine together.
Cigar boxes' windy stories,
Velvet lined cinders of hopeful schemes,
Hinting victorious words
Into the bite in high-stepping
To civilized timekeepers...
Chatterless visionaries
Hitting walls of sound...
Centurians climbing ancestral trees...
Hunters annihilating victimized suppers.
Backwards chairs
Around tables of understanding
Go hungry
Finishing what history has written in
Wilding honest sickness
To hushed misery
With vibrato
Shamed in silence,
Heired to indifference,
Woven with changing seasons,
Chimed in crystal wildflowers
Hiding in scattered dreams...
Timing hours into living.
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