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Every year when the end of October rolls around, little children start getting excited.
         Every year when the end of October rolls around, little children start getting very excited. This special time of the year brings us all Halloween, and with this ghoulish day comes the prospect of lots and lots of tasty candy and goodies for all of the little ones. Everyone knows well in advance when this time of year gets close, and there's no excuse for anyone not being prepared for all of the droves of trick or treaters. The warning signs are everywhere you look. To the dismay of many, stores start rolling out all of the Halloween costumes, candy, and decorations months in advance to this holiday when the weather is still hot and sticky.

         On the eve of every Halloween excited little children start preparing and getting their costumes ready for the great candy give away. Little kids are dressed from ghost and ghouls to super heroes and Sponge Bob Square Pants. Each of them prepares for battle in just about every costume imaginable to the mind. Carrying and armed with their plastic colored pumpkins and over sized sacks, they go from door to door making their candy stash bigger and bigger with each and every stop.

         Over the years what I've even found more interesting than all of those cute costumes that all of the children are wearing, is the mass variety of the different types of Halloween candy. When all of those plastic colored pumpkins and sacks are dumped out onto the kitchen table for inspection, a rainbow of colors suddenly appears from all of the different colored candy wrappers.

         After seeing all of this tasty Halloween candy it dawned on me that some of these candies won't be available and seen again for another entire year. Tasty treats like candy corn, smarties, circus peanuts, and those little pumpkin shaped marshmallow peeps will disappear until next Halloween comes around again. You also won't be seeing many of those little candy cigarettes, 3 packs of sweet tarts or bite sized candy bars which are every child's favorite. Those small packages of M&M's, bottle caps, and individually wrapped candy pieces of caramel creams, tootsie rolls, and chewing gum won't be back for another year either.

         It's probably just as well that Halloween candy is seasonal, because it might take an entire year to completely get over all of those sugar rushes and dentist visits that your children will have. You might just want to wait before you start stocking up on Halloween candy, because right around the corner those peppermint Christmas canes will be here. After that holiday there will be Valentine's day hearts, chocolate Easter bunnies, and then soon after that comes the Summer time beach treats of salt water taffy and freezer pops.

         These special times of the year were most likely all strategically positioned and planned throughout the calendar year, so that your taste buds would never ever get bored and tired. Just food for thought. Important reminder: "Please take a moment and always inspect your children's candy after they are finished trick or treating!"

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