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I really don't know whether ghosts really exist or do they.
         Everyone has their own ideas & beliefs, if a ghost exist or not. However I have had enough true experiences in life that I tend to believe more towards their existence. The two painted scrolls, pictured below, are posted at Point Lookout lighthouse on the East coast. They reveal a very vivid story of what many other people have already experienced. On television there are countless shows on this topic, however there are many more untold ghost stories everywhere out there.

          In Ludwigsburg, Germany there was a U.S. Army base called Flak Kaserne, which was home to both German & American forces from 1938 to 1991. In it's early days the German's had a hospital there along with it's flak anti aircraft guns, and a notorious Gestapo headquarters. Later the Americans moved in with it's transportation corps. When the Americans controlled it, they rebuilt the buildings for their own use, and the old Gestapo building became their finance section. The old vaults in the building were perfect for safe guarding the money. Part of the safe guarding included having a guard in the building 24 hours every day. There were many reports late at night of people on the upper floor yelling in German, however other then the one guard, the building was empty of people. The floors were all completely redone in ceramic floor tiles years earlier, but still there were countless reports of noises being heard of people walking on old wooden floor planks in the building upstairs. The guard never saw anything when they tried to see what was happening in the area where the noise was coming from. No one ever got use to these mysterious happenings, and a lot of the guards on night shift just remained locked in the front office waiting for the sun to rise again.

          At another army post in Nuremberg, Germany It was an outside guard that noticed a strange ghostly occurrence. This time he saw the ghost. As he was making his rounds on one very cold winter night, he noticed someone walking towards him. When he got near the motor pool, and got closer he noticed that it was a German soldier in uniform approaching him. When he got face to face with the German soldier and past him, he noticed something very wrong. The German soldier who was in full uniform never looked at him, and he didn't have a body below his waist line. No legs, or feet - nothing! But only the German soldier's top half was there as he continued moving away from him and finally disappeared into the night.

         Another story that comes to mind is a friend of mine moved into an old house. Shortly after he moved in he heard noises in the kitchen, and smelled bacon cooking late at night. He discovered later that the previous occupant of the house died in the kitchen while preparing breakfast. There are countless untold stories like this all over Germany, and the world about ghost. Everyone at sometime or another has put a set of keys or a tool down and turned around for only a second, to discover that when they turned back around that it's gone & not where they had left it. If you have an interesting story about ghost, kindly share it with us here.

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