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Another thought about how 18 months have passed...
When was the last time you were furloughed? Well, for me, it has been a good 18 months; it seems that it has been that length of time since I got the announcement back in March of 2020 that I have not been back at my job. It also seems to me that 18 months is the longest wait that I ever had in my life.
Although it is way too early, it would soon be time for me to get ready and do my taxes for the year, and I figured that in order for me to do those taxes, I need to be back at work, right? That is when I start to worry about what is going to happen if something is not done in order for me to do my taxes for the year. Yep, this time of uncertainty has gotten not just myself, but all of us on edge.
But it just seems that we do not have any choice but to keep on going and to wait for something good to happen, in fact, ANYTHING good to happen, and that could be such things as finally getting word that I am needed back at work to finally getting my unemployment money…

But I guess this whole thing about getting any kind of unemployment money just probably won't matter to me anyway, because those unemployment benefits that have helped people to get through this difficult time has run out a few weeks ago, and I guess there is just no use in reviving them again.
However, I hope that there will come a time when people with enough job skills will finally look for, and get any job they have been seeking. And hopefully, our nation's economy shall be back to the way it was before, that is before this pandemic ever happened. Let us hope that this day of restoration happens soon, if not sooner.
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