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Trying to better my skills writing other than poetry.
One might think it’s a matter of dip and then slap on. That’s what I thought before I knew. I needed to learn a simple technique. Dip the bristles as deep as you like or as is appropriate (each paint job will be at least slightly different). Here’s the trick: Rub the excess paint off by drawing the brush along Is’s side on the edge of the paint container. When done with the job or at least done for now clean the brush then wrap the bristles carefully and lay the brush down flat until you need to unwrap it for the next job.
Dip the brush in paint and throw the paint off the bristles (swinging) at a clean surface in such a way that you get what you see in the image (or something like that). Then you become a brush painter in the stead of a paint brusher. Still, though, the cleanup remains the same.
Throw paint, do some brush touching up and become another Jackson Pollock.
Paint brush the walls that the brush painting masterpieces hang on.

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