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A Piece for Month's End...
Well, here we are, in the last few days of a month called September; but not only that, this country is facing a government shutdown if Congress cannot get anything done in time, and I think that for the first time in my life, I am scared for this country and where it may be heading next due to the fact that both Republicans and Democrats are ar war with each other, and that has made me so angry about that.
Why can't Democrats and Republicans make peace with one another and agree on just something or even a lot of things? Why can't Republicans stop acting like children, end their disagreeing on everything, and just make peace with the Democrats and make this great country of ours the way it should be for all of us: A nation of unity. You see, unity is what should get America done, to help America be healed of its hurts, and to fix this economy as well as everything else that should always need repair? The thought of Democrats and Republicans working together should make and be the backbone of this country. But all too often, I think, the Republicans keep on acting like they say that the Democrats are the enemies of the people.
I for one are angry at this stupid division and all of the political games that the Republicans are playing against the Democrats, and the time to stop playing those political games should be right now; not later, not next month, not next week, not next year, but RIGHT NOW! Right now is the time for those stupid games to end, because people's lives and livelihoods are at risk, and if nothing is done for Congress to fix the economy and infrastructure of America, then our country is going to go down in a much deeper hole than ever before, and we cannot have them to let that happen!

The very last time this great country of ours faced a government shutdown was back in 2018 when all then President Trump wanted was money to build a wall; thankfully, that did not happen. But now, we could be facing another shutdown if talks fail and break down.
It is very well up to all of us to pressure Congress to pass the bills that needs to be passed in order to repair the economy and to fix this broken country of ours. We all love America, because it is the most greatest country in the whole, wide world, and she is just too precious to be in so much peril than she is right now.
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