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Young girl raised for one reason and only one. 1572 words
         Lince was very protected as a child being a youngest child whose mother had died when she was born her father never let her out of his sight. Being as sheltered as she was, Lince didn’t often hear any tales of dragons but the ones her brother’s would bring from their adventures. Lince slept in the room adjoining her father’s and had only one nursemaid to keep her company if her father went on a hunt. Her brother’s often asked her father to allow her to accompany them but Lince’s father always declined. As the years passed and Lince grew restless she often begged her father to let her leave the castle. He always denied her the small pleaser that would mean the world to her.

         “Lince, oh Lince.” William calls. Lince dashes across her room and knocks on the locked door.
         “In here William.” William works on the lock for a minute and the door flings open. Lince jumps into her older brother’s arms begging for stories of his travels. William hugs the girl clinging to him and leads her back to his room so she can be free of her’s for a moment.
         “Oh Lince, I thought about you the entire time.”
         “I thought about you too William. Every second. I missed you.” She says choking up.
         “Shh shh, it’s alright. I’m back now. Was it that rough?” He asks as she bursts into tears. She nods as he holds her. “Tell me everything.” She sniffles and looks into his tender eyes.
         “I’ve been confined to my room ever since you left. The only time father allows me to leave it is to join him and the guest for dinner. He doesn’t even allow anyone to sit next to me.” She sobs hugging him tighter.
         My poor Lince. That’s terrible. I’m back and I’ll be sure you are no longer confined to your rooms. Hance and Barek will be back in two days and I will speak with them about their father. You're what, seventeen, in ten days?” She nods with a smile lighting her face. He sets her on her feet and grabs something off his bed. “This was for your birthday but I think now's a good time and I have other gifts anyway.” He hands her a large but light package. She opens it and gasps. A beautiful blue silk dress lies in the box.
         “Thank you so much.” she breathes. He pulls it out from behind her and holds it against her shoulders.
         “Look in the mirror.” He whispers. They turn and a brunette girl with brilliant watery blue eyes stares back. The dress falls in waves to the floor and pulls out her vibrant blue eyes. The brunette girl smiles and looks at the boy behind her.
         “Thank you William, it's the most beautiful dress I’ve ever gotten.” He smirks.
         “You say that every time, Lince.”
         “I mean it every time.” He snorts and pinches her.
         “Why don’t you go get dressed for dinner? I have to get cleaned up. I'm still filthy from travelling.” Lince hurries back to her room and pulls on the new dress. Buttoning the buttons on her own. With lots of time alone in her room she had learned how to do much by herself. The dress pools around her feet sending her searching for a pair of heeled shoes. She wears a simple silver necklace Barek had given her and puts a silver pin in her hair that Hance had given her. She perks daintily on the edge of her seat waiting for William to escort her to dinner.

* * *

         Lince startles awake as Barek and Hance jump onto her bed. She squeaks and giggles as they tickle her. Twisting and kicking to free herself Hance tumbles onto the floor dragging Lince and Barek with him. They are in a laughing heap when William walks into the room. William joins them on the floor greeting his brothers. The three boys begin a mock battle and as Lince tries to get to safety Barek catches her ankle and drags her into their fight. The king appears with a lantern and glares at the pile of his children. The children freeze but their laughter can't be contained.
         “Lince here now.” The king says, snapping his fingers and pointing at the floor beside him. Her laughter cut short she scrambles to her feet and to her fathers side fear filling her eyes. The boy's laughter dies and they climb to their feet.
         “Father,” Barek and Hance say, with a nod of respect.
         “Barek, Hance,” He says, nodding at each in turn. “Your trip was well, I assume?”
         “Yes father. We hadn’t wanted to wake you, I apologize.” Hance glances at Lince as she stares at the floor beside their father trembling like a frightened puppy.
         “Lince, go sit in the corner chair in my room.”
         “Please daddy no.” Their father pointed at his door. Lince hurries away and starts to cry. After sending his sons on their way he walks over to the sobbing girl as she sits in the large chair in the corner.
         “Lince, give me your hand.” Covering her mouth with one hand she offers him the other as she looks the other way. She tries to muffle her scream as pain shoots through her hand and up her arm. Dizzy, she tips out of the chair into her father’s arms. He carries her to her bed and lies her down whispering into her ear all the while.
         “You did good. Your silence was much longer than before. One day you will be strong enough darling. One day.” He leaves her crying pitifully in her bed as she cradles her hand.

* * *

Two years later

         Lince wakes with a dulling ache in her hand, she massages it as she climbs out of bed to search for something to wear. William burst into her room.
         “Lince you won’t believe it!” Lince holds her hand over her stomach.
         “William, you startled me.”
         “Father is gone.” Lince raises her eyebrows.
         “What do you mean by gone, William.” He grabs her hands.
         “I mean he’s gone to see the duke and he left you here.” Joy lights his eyes as he says this, willing her to understand. Unwilling to hurt him she smiles and grips his hand tight.
         “That’s wonderful William.”
         “Your free Lince for an entire…” William stops abruptly seeing tears in her eyes.
         “Lince, what's wrong? What didn’t you tell me?” She looks away, stealing herself for his anger.
         “William, father isn’t going to see the duke. He is going into hiding.”
         “Why would he go into hiding.?” William sits down and she takes his hands and sits at his feet.
         "Because he made enemies and they are coming here. He left me because he wants me to speak with them.”
         “He wants you, a sixteen year old girl, to speak with his enemies because he’s too afraid to?”
         “William, he has been training me. Look.” She hovers her hand over the bedside candle until it blisters her fingers. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.” He snatches her hand away from the fire and cradles her hand in his as he stares into her eyes.
         “No no no. I’m so sorry Lince. If I would have only known I could have stopped it.” Covering her hand he heals her skin. Her skin tingles and she lets out a sob. “Lince I’m sorry are you alright I didn’t mean to hurt you.” She shakes her head and takes his hands and holds them tightly to her cheeks as tears streak her face.
         “Please take it out.” He gently tugs his hand out of hers and enfolds her hand in his and closes his eyes. He jerks back with a gasp as he stares at her. He pulls her into his arms and allows her to cry.
         “Lince stay here I have to find Hance and Barek.” William dashes out of the room in search of his brothers. He finds both in the throne room dueling. He tells them what he had found out and they follow him back to Lince’s room to find her curled tight in the corner of the room sobbing. Slowly as to not scare her, Barek walks to her and pulls her into his arms. She screams and tries to free herself as Barek holds her tight, pinning her arms to her sides. When she lies still exhausted Hance helps Barek lie her on her bed. Hance lays a hand on her stomach and head as he feels inside for the echoes of pain William spoke of. He looks at Barek and nods.
         “Father did this because she didn’t have any ability. He punished her for being what he thought was imperfect. He was training her to lie to his enemies even through tourcher.”
         “William put your hands where Hance’s are and no matter how much Lince screams or begs you to stop, you must not stop. Don’t stop healing her until all the echoes are gone. Do you understand?” William nods. “Say it.”
         “I won’t stop healing her until all the echoes are gone.”
         “Hance and I will try to keep her calm but with that much pain she is going to think you're the one hurting her when you're saving her from it.” William gulps and places his trembling hands where Hance’s hands had been and begins to heal her.
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