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Rated: E · Poetry · Action/Adventure · #2259301
A brief poem talking about war during the time of the ancient Greeks

Violent, and bloody, twill force boys to become men.

Metal against metal, strength against strength,

Only the mighty shall prevail.

And oh, the loss! The loss the women bare.

Their sons, their husbands, their fathers, their brothers.

All gone. Gone I tell you! And for what?

A greater plot of land? A comely sum of wealth?

Cool your wrath leaders of Troy, and quench your thirst for power Leaders of Achaea,

Only to save your men from a wretched demise and spare your women from grief.

But alas! The words shall fall upon deaf ears.

Men shall fall, and blood indeed shed.

The woes of the mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives,

will reach even unto the heights of the heavens,

and unto the deepest depths of the sea.

Let this be a lesson for all that war is no laughing matter

But horrid thing that should never have existed.

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