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Rated: E · Short Story · Emotional · #2259433
A Spooky-Boo awakening story of Halloween Night, for the Writer's Cramp Contest 10/03/21
Jillian felt an icy, tickle chill from ear to ear on the back of his head and neck, and then slowly expand his entire body’s back side from head to toe. A feeling of overwhelming fear and horror engulfed Jillian as he began shrugging and shaking his head and shoulders. Losing all ability to control any of his bodily motor functions; he fell like a rock to the ground flopping around in a server convulsion in the middle of the massive crowd of every kind of ghost, goblin demon, Witch and bazaar creature even the most imaginative and creative mind could conjure up strolled along derby street and all throughout the towns center and roaming around in and out of the brick side streets moving from one small shop to another.
No one came to his aid to help. No one seemed alarmed. In fact many began clapping, cheering and egging him on in approval and applause. Fully functional in Jillian’s cognitive and vocal ability while unable to control his convulsing his wrestled with the overwhelming feelings of horror and terror and let out a bellowing blood curdling screen for help and fell to the ground from his mid air suspended state a foot off the ground with a thud and bang.
The crowd was larger than normally for this year’s Halloween Festivities. Salem was the epic center of the witch trials of the Sixteen hundreds and colonial period.

Jillian regaining control of his bodily and motor functions sat up and began rubbing the back head. His head was a little sore but felt and seen no liquid or blood on his hand as he looked turning it over and then over again examining it.
He sat there for a few moments attempting to grasp and process what he had just experienced while looking up and all around at the crowd that was all around.
“Hey How’d you do that Mr. Dracula,” a little witch amidst the crowd yelled out “Do it Again!” she shouted initiating another round of clapping and cheering from the crowd.
“Yeah… encore, encore” voices echoed from the crowded street. Shocked, horrified, and traumatized Jillian frantically get up to a standing position and began running frantically down the street as fast as he could until finally ducking into an alley way a block up the street from the Salem Witch Museum where he had been waiting in line for the next tour.

Sitting down on a granite doorstep about half way down the dimly lit cobble stone side street he attempting to catch his breath and settle his racing thoughts and throbbing heart and process the horrible experience he had just endured.
This year he had decided to attend the feasible as Dracula, it was his and Katie’s tradition to never attend the yearly feasible and celebration with the same costume. Katie had passed six months earlier in a tragic car accident and Jillian was attending alone he had not yet met up with the small group of friends as was a tradition him and Katie did at a local diner bordering the center of town before roaming the streets with the rest of the spooky creatures, witches, warlocks, ghosts and goblins for the evening.
OOOOOOOOOOOh, Boooooh, I Love you to death Jillian, I’m waiting for you my dear. OOOOOHHHH Booooo the familiar voice echoed in Jillian’s ear as he felt a long comforting, soothing wave of warm air across his neck and shoulders giving him goose bumps and bringing tears to his eyes. He fought of the tears and the dreaded feeling of heartache, and loneliness he had been living with daily sense he lost his childhood sweetheart soulmate, wife, and love of his life. He was only attending the Halloween festivities this year at the begging from his friends. He need to let her go and begin moving on with his life and having fun. That’s what Katie would have wanted they said trying to convince him. Knowing they were right he eventually gave in and said yes I’ll be there at the diner this year to meet up everyone.
Jillian did not believe in the afterlife, god and or spiritual beings he had given up on any notion of that sort of nonsense years before. Again he felt a warm strange sensation pass through him as he again heard the soothing whisper in his ears.
“OOOOH OOOH, I love you my dear you’ll always be my hero and love for eternity you’re my soul mate I’m here and I’m waiting for you. Its beautiful here my dear, I love you” Katie whispered.
I’m hallucinating Jillian thought to himself I must have hit my head harder than I thought when I tripped back there.
“Noooo my love I’m here, right here with you, you’re not hallucinating love, I’m really here with you”
Jillian welled up with emotion and began sobbing uncontrollably. “God I miss her, God Honey I miss you so much” Jillian mumbled to himself out loud.
“Yes Love GOD! He’s real! And I’m really here with you and I love you and so does God. You’re not having a breakdown or hallucinating or being haunted”.
How can this be? What happening to me Jillian wondered to himself?
“It’s ok my love, Just BELIEVE LOVE, JUST BELIEVE. We’re here with you and waiting for you. It’s beautiful and amazing here on the other side everything is so pure and radiant, it’s amazing. I want you to know He’s real and so am I. Chase those Dreams Live and move on my love. Don’t ever give up, Never lose hope my love we’re all here waiting for you when the creator calls you home to us.
Live and Love, My Love, and never give up or lose heart and always keep the faith I’m here waiting for you when your work in the flesh is done. I LOVE YOU JILLIAN MY LOVE. I LOVE YOU!”
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