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48 hour entry

My first thought when I saw this month’s music choice was, “cool, I haven’t heard this song in ages.” Plus, it is a perfect fit for Halloween, and I love Halloween.

The opening scene is classic. Who doesn’t drive down a spooky road late at night and run out of gas? Michael’s transition into a werewolf is beautifully done. This was a great introduction to the song. The artistry that went into makeup, costumes and scenery must have cost a fortune for this under fourteen-minute video.

I love Vincent Price and it was nice to be reminded of that. He has the creepy voice to go along with such a production. Vincent was a genius narrator.

The dancing dead were great. Who said you lose your rhythm when you die instead of taking it to the after-life.

Dancing ghosts,
Fill my room.
I wonder if,
I’ll join them soon.

Werewolves howl,
Forest creatures shake.
Witches fly the skies,
Looking for children to take.

Time to stay,
in my house.
Children coming,
And horror to share.

All I can think about now is Halloween. MJ was a great performer despite the creepiness that was reported by the press. He may have had some personal issues but that didn’t take away from his talent. No matter what you think of Michael, he was talented. The 1980’s live on in the music.

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