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Fighting demons who've taken over my soul, trapping me, no moments of peace.
Demons in my mind taunt me till breaking dawn.
Another day has come. Tired, I stretch and yawn,
Anxious, I peek through the blinds but there’s no escape,
Trapped in self-pity; how long must I bow and scrape?

What resides within me keeps me trapped and apart,
I cry out, but there’s no one to hear me bare my heart,
Self-hatred grows like fever – praying death is near,
Tired of being ignored and forgotten these many years!

I’m trapped in self-pity with no moments of peace,
These negative thoughts won’t leave me alone and cease,
What do you want with me oh demons of darkness?
Just take my heart, let me bleed, I’m an easy mark.

Tears fall when no one answers. I’m in a maze -
Losing track of each moment these long, lonely days,
Just surviving, I need some hope to arise,
To be blessed again, to look in someone else’s eyes.

My greatest fear is that this hell will never end.
I pray, “Lord, give me strength, don’t let me give in!
Chase this evil from inside me, make me anew,
To fight for and live again the life I once knew."

20 lines
Written for:"Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest
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