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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Western · #2260125
Heward Ridgeline pulls off a sting.

“What about the Pinkertons?” Tor Allen asked as they waited behind a rock.
“They don’t suspect a thing.”
“How would you know?” Tor asked Hewley Ridge.
“I sent ‘em on a wild goose chase.”
His saddle creaked as he stood in the stirrups to look around the rock.
“Here she comes!”
Tor leaned over his horse’s neck ready to gallop toward the train’s engine. The other rider followed suit. The rangy guy with red hair and beard called Tor, urged his horse into a fast gallop.

The slim man with sweat-darkened blonde hair called Hewley, followed; but a couple of beats behind. He freed his rifle from its scabbard and closed the gap.
When the engineer slammed on the brakes to stop the train before it crashed into the rock fall across the tracks, Tor leaped into the cab and held a gun on him. Hewley continued to the baggage car. He jumped for the ladder on the side.
Reaching over, Hewley pushed open the door and entered. Hearing screams and shouts, he knew Tor had been unable to resist robbing the passengers, in spite of the amount of gold the train was carrying. As Tor came into baggage car, his hands were overflowing with valuables.
Hewley raised his rifle and aimed.
“What the hell?”
“Pinkerton Agent Heward Ridgeline,” he announced, showing his badge.

Tor made to turn and run but felt a gun barrel in his back. The engineer had a pistol dug into him. The train robber dropped the loot and put his hands up.
“Smart move son,’’ Ridgeline told him as he cuffed and threw him off the train to land face-down across his horse.
“See ya,” Ridgeline said to the engineer and leaped for his horse. Lassoing Tor and his mount, he headed for town.
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