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short tale of two new friends for the Daily writers cramp

Tiger was a long haired feline, the cutest little fur ball of shades of gray and white adorned with a long beautiful white main. He was an outdoor cat and loved to roam the neighbor hood visiting neighbors and prowling the small patches of wooded areas. Tiger was the King.
Church was an indoor cat who lived on the other side of town on the edge of a large reservation and wooded area with a few large body’s of water. Church was midnight black, double pawed with short hear and was blind in one eye. Tiger met church he was about ten years old. Both were approximately the same age. A few years earlier, Church had somehow managed to escape from the house and disappeared for a few days. Only to return with a bad wounded on the left side of his head just above the eye. It was an ugly wound frightening and heart wrenching to look at. Unable to afford a veterinarian the woman who owned Church did her best to nurse church back to health. Church was fine in every other way.
Church had apparently tangled with the wrong critter or animal or perhaps stuck his nose and face into the wrong tunnel or burro where some critter lived and got his face bitten. He remained an indoor cat after his return home. I adopted church a couple years later from the owner as it was no longer able to keep church as her pet and brought church home with me to meet Tiger. They hit it off right away and became great friends. I began allowing church to go outside with Tiger. Tiger was a seasoned outdoor cat from his kittenhood and knew the territory and his kingdom well. Which animals were friends and which were enemies and which ones to stay away from and he taught Church all the ropes of surviving in the outdoors.
I had church for approximately ten years and Tiger for twenty. Both are now passed on for nearly a decade now. Both were my best friends and I miss them. Can’t wait to see them again in Kitty Heaven. That being said I shall now honor them with a short poem.
Tiger was the king
into his kingdom
Church He allowed in.
There were the best of friends
survival of the fist,
and new playmates, Tiger
Showed him.
You cats were so fun to watch
always made me smile and laugh
playing tag with the squirrels
stocking and hunting
various birds, dining on
Crickets and bugs
and lounging in the sun.
Now in Kitty heaven
makes me smile to think
You are now making
the kitty god of heaven
Smile and laugh

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