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A confused state of reality.
After three sleepless nights, I finally decided that I needed to act. Something was buzzing about my bedroom in the middle of the night. The exterminator, that I called, arrived and I led him up to my room. I explained the noise I was hearing and he surveyed the area. He did a thorough search. The wall above the headboard, behind the pictures, under the mattress, and between the sheets.

“I’m afraid I can’t find any traces of infestation here sir.” He said in conclusion of his inspection.

“Well, I’m not making this up. Is there anything you can think of ?” I asked in desperation.

“Well, I have heard of similar stories before but I’m not sure you’re going to believe me.” He let slip apprehensively.

“What?” I asked. “ I'm desperate, I’m willing to consider any suggestions.”

“It could be the Giant Pillow Fly.”

“The Giant Pillow Fly?” I chuckled half-crazed. Is this guy for real?

“I know it sounds crazy but based on your description, and the fact that there is no trace, I don’t know what else it could be.”

“Okay well, how much will it cost to get rid of it?”

“There’s no charge.” He said hesitantly. “Because there’s nothing I can do. Only you can stop it.”

“Nothing?” I gasped. “Only me?”

“It's not real. It's in your dream. If it returns tonight, you need to confront it, in your sleep. Don’t get up and turn your light on. Stay asleep, and he’ll crawl into your pillow. When he does, you need to pull your pillow out of the case, tie it tightly inside, and it will run out of air to breathe. Then you can wake up, but not before that or it will live to haunt you for another night.”
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