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ACT 3 - Magical seat cushions fight for their sitter against a growing threat "Pain".
The undercover police car pulls in front of a house.

"This is the place." says Dr. Toast.

"I hope he is as easily convincible as we were." says the Elyssa with concern.

Mumbling sounds come from below her. "Oh, right. I always forget he is under there."

She lifts herself up allowing for Shi to squeeze on out.

"To answer your question Sitter Elyssa. He should join us. Sitters and Cushions have an unbreakable bond."

"It's true. I have been enjoying On's company very much. He is so loving." Dr. Toast adds.

"My baby brother does seem at home with you Sitter Toast."

"Please, please, call me Claudia."

"Very well. Now I know On is rumored to be the most comfortable of us cushions. But if you may Sitter Claudia. We have another teammate to recruit."

The two women strap the cushions on their backs. As you would put on a bookbag. And proceed to knock on the door.

A famous gamer influencer greets them at the door.

"Are you Chloe Pearl?" ask Claudia in shock.

Chloe smiles. "Are you both fans?"

"Not exactly. I am Detective Martinez and this is Dr. Toast." she interrupts as she flashes her badge. "To our understanding this is the home of a man that goes by Tony."

"Tony is my dad. But if you are here to see him you are a weebit early. You see he is one of those truck drivers that deliver goods across the states. I mean, he will be back any minute now. You guys can make yourself comfortable and wait here." Chloe suggest.

"That would be wonderful." Elyssa replies.

They walk into the Pearls home.

"Oh my goodness! You lady's have a Cush-Hero too!' Chloe shirks in excitement.

The detective and doctor stare puzzling at the girl.

"I didn't think my dad had taste. But this goes to show you that he does. Must get it from me." she laughs. "They are super duper comfortable. I am about to use mine right now during this gaming tournament. Anyways follow me to my room. You guys can watch my kick some butt!"

"She is the Sitter?" Martinez whispers as they make their way to Chloe's room.

"Interesting, she hasn't mentioned anything about the brothers." Claudia adds.

They see the red cushion placed in her exotic gaming chair. Cus winks at the team. The influencer takes a seat and starts her live stream as she interacts with her viewers.

"Hey my Pearly whites! Thanks for tuning into my channel. But before the tournament begins I want to show you all the cutest seat cushion for you tush." She gets up to show off the red cushion. "The best sit of your life! I have been undefeated ever since I started using this. Isn't it cool lookin. He is literally my hero." I also found out they come in two other colors. Blue and green. And they both look equally as great. Be the first person to send me a message and I'll see if I can get my hands on another one for you." She entertains.

"Psst. Shi. What should we do?" Elyssa whispers.

"Just use us normally. We don't want to put her in danger." he replies. "If her dad isn't using Cus. Then the likely hood of the pains getting to him are high."

The two guest take a seat on their cushions.

30 minutes go by...

"And still champion! Me!" Shouts Chloe. "Alright guys. Tune in tomorrow so I can walk you through my strategy I used to get the gold!"

Pearl turns around to her guest. "What did you think?"

"We really need to talk to your father sweetheart." Ms. Martinez asserts.

"Front door open." the security system announces.

"He's home." Pearl confidently smiles.

Tony walks in exhausted. Dark rings around his eyes from lack of proper rest.

"Dr. Toast. What brings you here?" Tony asks.

"I wanted to follow up with you. See how that cushion I gave you was working."

"I told you at your office. I'm no wimp. I don't need a dumb cushion." he snarks.

"Careful." On whispers. He seems cranky.

"It was for the sake of your health that you use it.' the doctor advises.

Suddenly a Pain sneaks it way into Tony's spine. Infusing himself with him. Tony begins to yell in agony. He drops to his knees and begins to transform into a Crankie. Large jagged corners pierce out of his now muscle fiber purple skin.

"It's too late!" Elyssa yells.

The three brothers run in front of the Sitters.

"We will take it from here." Cus says confidently.

The Crankie runs on all fours towards the Cushion Brothers. Cus leaps up and gets on its back like he was riding a bull. The crankie begins to buck. Kicking over furniture. On blocks the flying debri from the Sitters by expanding himself into a giant cushion and shielding them.

"The most effecting way to get rid of a Crankie is by stretching them out!" Shi explains. "But when we do all the Pains inside him will be released. Get rid as of many of them as you can so they don't get away."

The Sitters grab some rope from Tony's truck. "Shi here!" yells Martinez. Shi cleverly places the ropes on both ends of the Crankie.

"Sitters on one side. Cushions on the other!" Instructs Cus. "On my mark pull!" "1...2...3!"

Both sides pull and tug until the Crankie was fully stretched out. It howled in anger. Slowly the Pains starts to emerge from Tony's motionless body.

As a Pain tries to flee past Cus, the red cushion uses his punching power to disintegrate the Pain.

As another Pain try to flee past the Sitters. They surround it and begin to trample it until it too disintegrates.

Shi and On eliminate the last one by doubling teaming it. On uses his strong elasticity to hold the Pain. While Shi Removes his glasses and uses them as a sharp boomerang. Slicing it in half.


Tony is seen resting in his bed.

" All he needs is rest." Shi tells Chloe. "We tried to prevent this. But we got here too late."

"I wish I could have warned Tony. But he didn't even give me a chance. He didn't use me once." Cus states. "When he gave me to you. That's when I saw the bigger picture. You are meant to be my Sitter Chloe. It wasn't your dad."

"That explains why he never was able to see or hear you." Claudia says.

"Big brother. How come you never introduced yourself to your Sitter until now?" asks On.

"I didn't see the need to. I knew her dad would go Crankie sooner than later. I needed to conserve my energy and charge up. I was preparing on taking it on all alone." the red leader spoke.

"Charge up?" Chloe looks confused.

" Simply put it. Us cushions need you as much as you need us. The longer you sit on us. The more we feed off your internal energy." Shi comments.

"Then in that case you are never getting a break Cus!" Chloe says with charm.

The group laughs.

"That goes for you too On. I want you at your best. Okay." Claudia smiles.

"I finally understand why you always wanted me to be sitting on you Shi. It got you stronger." Elyssa says.

"Indeed. Our attributes even pass on to you while you use us. How do you think you were able to finish that report in such fashion. " Shi teaches.

"That's the reason I've been on an undefeated streak." Chloe mentions.

Cus nods

"Todays been an exciting day." Claudia says. "I have more appointments in the afternoon. How about we meet up tomorrow to discuss the plan Shi came up with."

The team nods in agreement.

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