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A fresh start…

My lottery ticket was texted to me today. The numbers are a random jumble of my date of birth, my weight (in kilograms), and the date I was last vaccinated.

As I write this it’s Tuesday 3rd April 2023. To date, three hundred and fifty million deaths have been attributed to COVID. Omicron was devastating, but merely the opening act for Omega. This variant was first detected on February 14th 2022 in Palestine, and infections are tripling daily.

The total figure does not include deaths by misadventure. Riots have killed thousands. Society is on the brink of dissolution. Anarchy presides.

Operation Alpha is our last hope. A fresh start. The draw will be held on 7th April 2023. Good Friday. The premise is similar to the criteria of the outbreak of Mad Cow disease in the UK in the 90s, but with a twist.

Anybody who is currently infected with COVID that has been vaccinated will be terminated. This will be done via a 5G transmission that activates a protein delivered through vaccination that will cause bubbles in the blood and induce heart failure.

Anybody who has refused to be vaccinated will be summarily shot on sight.

Those of us who are vaccinated and not showing signs of COVID will be entered into a lottery. If our numbers are not drawn, we will face the same fate as those vaccinated but sick.

Clearly, the anti-vaxxers will be the most problematic group to nullify. Whilst they are easy to identify via their Personal Medical Number, they will no doubt form a militia. It is anticipated that those of us vaccinated and chosen to survive will create a solution - dare I say a vaccine - to eliminate this virus among us.

Come this Friday, billions of people will cease to exist. Enemies will be vanquished. Loved ones will disappear. Life will hang in the balance for those left behind, but it will be a less populated world.

It’s the simplicity of ecology. The will and need to survive. It is no doubt a divisive policy, but I accept it, because I wrote it.

Let’s see what Good Friday brings. The anticipation is killing me!

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