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A child relates the activities of his day, mostly with his mom and dog Barkley.

The sun on the rise.
The creak of my door.
An in-bounding Barkley.
My feet on the floor.

The smell of the pancakes.
The table prepared.
That laughter, those words and
the breakfast we shared.

The freshly washed laundry.
The freedom of choice.
The gift from my grandma.
The tone of your voice.

The warmth of my sweatshirt.
Our plans for the day.
The sounds of your breaths
when I sit down to play.

A walk to the playground.
A tangled up me.
My hand in your hand,
Your kiss on my knee.

The journey continues
with you by my side.
A swish on the swing
A swoosh down the slide.

Our spot by the oak tree.
The crust off my bread.
But watch out for Barlkey!
Distraction instead.

Dessert from the corner.
Our skips down the trail
with Barkley yip-yapping
and wagging his tail.

My stool by the counter.
A bowl of my own.
The rice all around us!
A gasp then a groan.

A break for the broom.
The cooking complete.
The family together.
The scraps at my feet.

A short separation.
The time to explore.
The bath and the bubbles.
The five minutes more.

The fluff of my pillows.
The tuck in my bed.
A last hug for Barkley.
Your kiss on my head.

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