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Learning the pain you caused a loved one
I hurt you more than I knew,
I never knew the extent of the pain I caused.

It was a lie those words and actions I threw at you,
My real love for you was lost.

Lost inside of me unable to break free,
It screamed and fought to be let loose.

My pride was the cage and my ego the key,
Both cage and key not caring what we would lose.

You lifted me up and gave me everything
I gave you broken pieces of what I thought was right.

Laying there the night before you left lying,
I should have climbed those stairs they night.

I should have been next to you holding you,
I should have made the voice inside strong.

But I gave you pain so you would hurt too,
Too little too late to admit I was wrong.

I can never fully express the love I have for the woman I wrote this for. I was blessed the night before writing this to hear her voice again. It still made my bones vibrate with the love I always felt but could never show. She knows now that I've never loved anyone more than her. All these years lost and wondering about so many past mistakes that the most painful mistakes I made was letting her go and not showing her how much she means to me. It will be something I live with. Not a punishment but a reminder of how unless we voice our love it will be our greatest regret.

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