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The Dance completes them
(The Dance Complete)

Never will my fingers brush
your hand in bower dark.
Your hopeful glance will never
set within my soul your spark.

We'll not know a moment's grace,
save it be wrought in sin.
My dreams can never blossom
while all hope is dashed within.

"Wouldst thou be my Valentine?"
A dream, no more, of bliss.
Let this suffice between us:
All my dreams start with your kiss.

I dream, and then I languish.
But is it so with you?
If we could dance a moment,
would you let me dance with you?

Your heart I'd lay no claim on;
your choices must be free.
But, OH! I'd dream forever
of the night you danced with me.

Within his bower darkened
He holds his breath a space.
For to his dream he’s hearkened
And in shadow sees her face.

She smiles, and lo, a sweet glance
She wraps around his heart.
And here at last his Dream Dance
Now awaits its oft’ dreamt start.

His hand he strongly proffers
Unto this dream divine.
In all of Heaven’s coffers
There can be no sweeter wine!

Now music fills the bower,
As both their hearts entrance.
Yet still he begs one dower
‘ere he gives o’er to their dance:

“I trifle with God’s gift, Dear,
for truth, He’s gifted bliss.
Yet one more boon I beg, Dear:
Grant my burning lips thy kiss.

She smiles, eyes flaming brightly--
his heart begins to shake.
“Good Sir I tell you rightly
‘tis but yours alone to take.

So softly did their lips brush.
So gently did they meet,
he felt his beating heart hush
‘ere exploding into heat.

This kiss, unlike all others,
no simple kiss at all.
The air within him smothers
as his shadows start to fall.

A love he’d loved for Ages,
the love of soul for soul.
A love unknown to Sages
brought his destiny here whole.

Their gazes still entrancing,
two hearts and souls in one.
Neither knows they're dancing
nor that music had begun.

His heart hears but the singing
which peals from out her heart.
While hers feels but the ringing
joy he’d brought her from the start.

The Dance Complete completes them–
They are The Dance Complete!
The earth revolves beneath them,
and their dream of love replete.

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