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Brief personal disclosure.
Tacos, pizza, potato chips, cookies
Heaping piles of grease-splattered sugar
Enough is never enough, I want more.

Gorging, binging, craving after craving
Right to my thighs, completely out of mind.
Easy to succumb to nonstop urges
A marriage to food makes me so happy
To whom do I owe the perfect body?

Excruciating, this acid reflux.
Great gasps of gastric fluid melt my throat,
Great hot pain stabs my muscles and joints, too.

Shoot, I think, maybe my doctor is right
Have I had enough of this endless plight?
Obesity, the cursed reality
Rots me within, though I’m not yet a corpse.
Time to cut back on sitting and binging
And do some walking, and eating healthy.
Gone are the days of sloth and gluttony.
Exercise, moderation, now, always.


Word Count: 134
Line Count: 20
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