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Megatron's design change in TF1 and TF2
Hello there, fellow Transformers fans. Angel Wolf here with a Transformers theory.

The theory I'll be discussing is "How did Megatron's design change from TF1 to TF2?"

So, let's hop in.

In TF1, Megatron had a Cybertronian jet alt mode, making it able for him to fly. He can also clap his hands together and form his fusion cannon.

In TF2, we see Megatron with his fusion cannon mounted on his right arm, like it was in the G1 series. He also has a retractable blade on it.

Here is the CGI model of Megatron in the first movie.


And, here is a render of the TF2 Megatron iteration.


Now, it is understood in TF1 that Megatron died from the Allspark creating a hole in his chest. We see in the beginning of TF2 that Megatron had been dumped in the ocean. There is a cargo vessel going over the location, in which 4 Constructicons jump off of.

Soundwave's medic minion, Scalpel, said that Megatron was too damaged and needed more parts before he could be revived with the last Allspark fragment.

Scalpel then tells the Constructicons to use Scrapmetal, which was the littlest one. We are then taken to a very, very sad scene where Long Haul, Hightower, and Scrapper tear Scrapmetal apart. What makes this scene the saddest scene in the movie is that you can hear the pain and sadness in Scrapmetal's voice as he's being torn apart. After the required parts are received, Scalpel repairs Megatron and then revives him.

Here is Scrapmetal's concept art:

But... the thing is:

Scrapmetal transformed into a yellow Volvo excavator, but nowhere on Megatron do we see yellow parts, nor do we see any excavator parts.

It is implied that Scrapmetal's internal parts were used instead of his external parts, but as we see in the film, Megatron was heavily injured, possessing a hole in his chest and that he is clearly missing his right leg.


My explanation of how Megatron's design changed is that some point in the movie, when he came back from the ocean, he went to Cybertron off-camera and got his Cybertronian tank alt mode.

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