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A seemingly unwanted ornament is about to get a new life.
The Misfit Christmas Ornament

Kathleen McNamara

Dear Aunt Evangeline,

I must say you really outdid yourself this year! Although I do think you may have confused our ornament exchange with a White Elephant exchange. No matter. This ornament of yours was the hit of the party. I did notice you were a bit dismayed that no one tried to steal it from me as was done with the other ornaments. To be polite, this misfit ornament of yours is one of a kind!

I was glad to see that you were so happy when you heard that the pig will make a return engagement next Christmas. You are being a good sport about this. I will let you in on a little secret. Along with the return of the pig, the next “lucky” recipient will have a challenge on their hands. Read on and I will explain what they will be needing to do.

You are aware, I recently had a big promotion. I was in the city with a few friends and we were celebrating and talking centered around our holidays. The story of the pig ornament delighted everyone. One of the guys suggested that Mr. Pig go traveling with me. I should take a selfie with the pig at a local landmark and post it along with a riddle as to where in the world we may be. Needless to say, this conversation took on a life of its own. We settled on the idea that the pig should be the only one in the picture. If they see me they will figure out where I might be by asking my hubby for clues to my location.

I will be keeping you posted separately as to our locations. I will be setting up a FaceBook page for the pig and you can follow along with the guesses from everyone. I am really looking forward to this little adventure. I hope that you will get a lot of enjoyment from it too!

So, until next Christmas then!

As always,

Maggie and the Pig
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