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Rated: E · Short Story · Thriller/Suspense · #2272016
A bust on the horizon.
I sat down on a bench at the outer edge of the park. I leaned back to soak up the sun as I peeked through my amber-tinted Maui Jims, wearing my loose-fitting Tommy Bahama Hawaiian Shirt, donning a recurring print of Wild Palms and Ocean Waves, draped over my coral blue Bermuda shorts, while my feet rested comfortably airing out in my open-toed sandals. Chalky lay by my side as his leash was looped around the wrist of my right hand, his head bobbing alertly from bird to bird as they fluttered through the bramble. He is a Broken-Coated Jack Russell Terrier. This means that I could take Chalky to a salon, have him bathed in oatmeal, clipped, primped, shampooed, pedicured, and perfumed and he would still look like a junkyard dog.

Just then a woman came walking on the path in front of me and stopped. She turned to look out at the view of the lake and then peeked back over her shoulder at me. My eyes looked closed, but they were slightly opened and I could see as she stole a glance. My phone was in my shirt pocket and I had my earbuds in. To appearances, I’m a young man, chilling and listening to some tunes, but I’m not what I appear to be.

There is a van in the lot behind me equipped with a makeshift command center. They are communicating with me via my earbuds. When I get the signal, I will release Chalky and he will run to the docks. I have a team surrounding the area and when Chalky takes off we move. A load of high-quality cocaine was on its way in and the attractive woman in front of me was the lookout. If she figures me out, all bets are off.
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