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Summer in Florida, with some decent music, actors and an interesting story
The copy of the film I watched caused me some concern, for it was a low-quality European copy with 25% of the outside edge of the image cut off, giving the impression that I was watching the entire movie through a keyhole. Also, the movie went by at a slightly increased speed, resulting in higher pitched voices reminiscent of Alvin and the Chipmunks. The muffled sound didn’t help matters, either.

Elvis serenades us with the title track during the opening credits, as a family-filled jalopy cruises along the freeway, Florida-bound. “Follow That Dream” rose to #15 on the charts, sticking around for seven weeks. So far, it looks like a poor man’s Disney film, though we do get to see Elvis lift the back of an automobile all by himself. What a man!

9:15- Elvis sings ”I’m Not the Marrying Kind.” It’s not a hit, but is nevertheless a decent, bouncy, mid-tempo rocker- the kind of song one would call underrated.

25:20- With Arthur O’Connell whistling and accompanying him on guitar, the King sings a ditty- “Sound Advice.” It’s another decent song, and catchy, as well.

47:00- Elvis sings a version of “On Top of Old Smoky” to a welfare worker, then belts out “Follow That Dream.” Not strong enough to merit hit status, it’s still better than what sometimes passes for music in the King’s films.

58:25- There’s a fistfight between Elvis and two thugs who try to work him over.

1:03- Elvis fights with, then runs from, a bunch of mobsters.

1:27- “Angel” rounds out the film, with Elvis singing to the girl who he’s been keeping at arm’s length the entire picture.

As far as EP movies go, this one is a cut above average, due to the song quality, the acting, some decent action sequences, and that languid summer atmosphere the film is drenched in
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