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Solamenta and the eye.

Solamenta Jacques, a wise woman and healer, was walking under the full moon; searching for herbs and simples for her remedies. As she walked to where she knew certain ingredients could be discovered, she found herself in tall grass, as soft as down.

“This is new! I can make use of it somehow,” she told herself.

So, using her pruning knife, she began to cut swathes of it.

“Stop thief!” came a shout from among the grasses she was cutting.

“Who’s there?” Solamenta said calmly.

“This is my garden,” the voice continued loudly.

“Your garden? Who, pray tell, are you? Do I know you?”

“Goody Tolliver of Lysle Woods,” the voice answered.

“Ah yes! I know of you. Where are you?”

“In my hovel, of course.”

“If you are snug at home, how do you know I’m here?”

“I left a guard in my garden to watch my crops, as I always do. So, drop my grass and leave!”

“I see no watchman on this herbage. Tell him to show himself!”

The bundle of grass she held began to rustle and shake. Soon it parted and a bloodshot green eye revealed itself. It glared up at Solamenta. She startled and dropped the grass.

“My eye! My eye! You’ve lost it! I knew exactly where it was, and now it’s lost!” screeched the voice.

“I’m sorry, I’ll find it for you,” the healer cried.

“Never-you-mind, just by stomping around you might step on it! My eye will find its way home eventually. But having only one eye slows me down some. Perhaps to make amends you will come by tomorrow to assist me if it doesn’t make it in time. Say, six of the clock?”

Solamenta agreed aloud to assuage her guilt. Thus, began a unique and adventurous friendship.
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