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Forgetting a chore creates problems.
That’s what I forgot to do.

I stood at the kitchen window, drinking my coffee and staring at the abandoned bird nest in the potted plant on our back desk. I joyfully watched them build that nest two weeks ago, but a lurking hawk in the woods behind our home caused them to reconsider their residency and abandon it last week. I had meant to clean up the nest, but kept forgetting about it in the coming-home-from-work evening routine.

A sparrow landed on the bannister of the deck.

“Hello friend!” I said cheerfully.

The bird tilted it’s head at me, and then flew away. I shrugged, rinsed out my now-empty coffee mug, and stuck it in the dishwasher. I jumped when I stood up and realized that there were now six sparrows standing around the plant.

What is this? An avian investigation?

One brown bird broke from the flock, bouncing to the bannister closest to the window and studying me intently.

“I didn’t do it! It was the hawk!” I said.

The bird tilted it’s head at me quizzically.

I pulled the string to close the blinds. I just became the prime suspect in a birdy investigation! I should have cleaned that nest up earlier. So much for full day sun. That plant on the back deck has become evidence against me.

That’s life in the woods!

Word Count: 227
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