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Writer's cramp submittal
I look at your face so peaceful, so kind in the slant of sunlight
The start of vibrissae dotting your cheeks, your chin;
Golden, yes, but not soft to the touch.

Chafing, scouring, like your words.
Once whispered sweetly in the dark as we lay entwined
Have become hot pokers to my soul, staked with precision.

Like a faithful dog I stay,
Hoping to hear you utter some semblance of love,
Or, at the very least, some obscure remark
That I will spend hours decoding.
Crafty criticism or sly pat on the head?

Just enough to make me stay, make me think you still value us.
How you have entangled my heart!
I know I should go but continue to wake up beside you.

Another morning brings another day
Where you intend to break me into even smaller pieces.
Until there is nothing left but ash.
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