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Daily Flash Fiction Challenge Entry
I enjoyed the green when visiting Veggie City Park. The fields, the trees, everything. I remember my mother taking me here all the time. It was like my second home.

However, Veggie City was quite strict with the environment. For example, there were three strikes for an offense. One strike led to a warning, a second led to a ticket, and a third led to an arrest. And because of these rules, people made sure to follow them. I was thankful for that.

I looked into the clouds with a sigh of relief. If only more people like me were willing to take better care of our planet. Not just recycling, but actually doing something. This world was too precious to not take care of.

Suddenly, I heard bells. Bells from an ice cream truck. I looked down at my figure, then shrugged. Maybe one treat wouldn't hurt.

I rushed towards the truck along with a handful of kids and their parents. I grabbed myself a popsicle and enjoyed myself.

A few hours later

"Here is your new home," the husky voice behind me said. "Enjoy it."

"Hey, lady," my new cellmate greeted me in her rough voice. "What are you in for?"

I sighed and sat in my bunk. "Littering a piece of paper, not recycling it, and smoking in my car."

"Man, that sucks." She laid back.

A day later

"Thanks for bailing me out, Gwen," I said as we left the prison.

"No problem. I just can't believe my cousin got arrested for something stupid."

"It wasn't for something stupid. I broke the law. I deserved it."

"No, you don't."

We continued walking until I stopped. "Let's throw a party to spread more awareness of our environment."

Gwen smiled. "Good idea."

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