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Rated: E · Short Story · Comedy · #2276211
Prompt Exercise: Write a short dialogue between two pieces of fruit.
Apples and Oranges:
N.A Miller

Write a short dialogue between two pieces of fruit.

Once upon a time in a magical kitchen in the land of Wonderland, that Alice walked alone along the counter, having shrunk again after drinking yet another potion that made her shrink instead of grow. The young woman is in her teenage years, with budding womanhood, long blond hair, blue eyes and an attractive figure. The young woman has been in Wonderland almost a day now, trying to find the rabbit, as she has his waistcoat and gloves, trying to find the castle of the Red Queen. Somehow she is the size of a small rat, and her feet ache having walked all day, in what she thought was circles. The same counter seemed to be endless, and rather looked alike.

She heard shouting, and chatter of talking and as she slowly crept up to the corner, she peered around it at a cluster of fruits and vegetables that stood around an apple and orange, in the center, pushing shoving, and yelling.

“I’m more nutritious than you Orange~!” The apple said, “Red, delicious, and I gleam in the light.”

“It is only because you have a thin smooth skin.” Orange yelled back, “I am juicy and good for you more than you and don’t have to look good.”

Alice stared at the arguing fruit, and could not help smiling. “How can they compare when it is apples and oranges?”

“Banana has you both beat, for at least having potassium.” Celery said smoothly, and Apple glared at him.

“Shut it, celery.” Apple warned, “You are a vegetable, you would have more nutrients than us fruits.”

“Bananas are not a…”

”I don’t care!” Apple shouted, and he reached out and struck Orange across its face.

Orange clenched his fist, as he held a hand to his face, the red welt left by apple’s fist.

“You are going to pay for that, you red bastard.” Orange threatened, as the argument continued.

Alice stealthily turned the corner, and crept toward a oversized salt shaker, and watched the argument continue. She was perplexed by the behavior of the Orange and the Apple, who obviously were of the same family of food, but arguing over the mediocre qualities of either one of them.

“Excuse me.” A voice said behind her and with a yelp she jumped and whirled around. The tomato eyed her silently, before managing a bow.

“Sorry if I startled you miss.” Tomato said warmly, and she curtseyed.


“Well miss Alice.” He said, “What brings you to our kitchen?”

“I heard you clear across the kitchen.” Alice said formally, “Might I be of help to stop this fight?”

“You would and could do that?” Tomato asked, and she nodded.

“Please do.” He said, “This fight and argument has been going on or a dreadfully long time.”

“Gentleman?” Alice called, and yet here she paused, realizing that the apple and orange was probably neither a gentleman nor lady. They both paused as did the other fruits and vegetables.

“And who are you?” Orange asked coldly, “Are you on his side or mine?”

“Fighting does not help, one and you can’t compare because you have so different of qualities.” Alice said, “Besides, you both are the most nutritious, and good for someone to eat you, with both having the same vitamins and nutrients. But in different quantities.”

“So looking good does not matter?” Apple asked glumly, and here Alice shook her head.

“Looks are not enough to be good for someone, its what is in the inside that counts.”

“Glory be!” Corn and Celery said, “Simple Logic…!”

The vegetables and fruits clustered around Alice and applauded, smiling as chatter echoed among them. Then the room stared to shake and looking up, the face of a giant appeared.

“Fee Fie Foe Fum, who the hell is not one of dem!” It said, and Alice dodged into the middle of the crowd of food. When she realized that she could not escape, that she fainted dead away.

Awakening hours later, she found herself still in wonderland, but sitting in the plush chair around the table belonging to the Mad Hatter and company.

“It was a dream.” Alice said to herself, “Thank goodness.”
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