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The Ghost Of The Dancing Girl In The US Consulate In Mumbai, India for Micro Fiction
The Ghost Of The Dancing Girl In The US Consulate In Mumbai, India

At the turn of the 21st century, Sam Adams worked at the old consulate in Mumbai, India. The consulate was an old palace for the Maharishi (local hereditary prince) of Bombay. Maharishi and Gujarat provinces. In 1946, he sold the consulate to the US government. His grandson related this story. There was a “dancing girl” who was murdered in the palace after a wild, raucous party in the 1920s. Her ghost wanders the palace to this day and occasionally slaps men at night. The embassy guards all swore that this was a true story because the ghost had slapped them.

Author Note; Based on story related to me by the Prince as the July 4th party. The US Government bought the property from the prince because in 1946 the Indian government stripped the hereditary princes of their tax exemption status and many were in dire straits financially. He had one other condition - that his family always be on the July party invite list. I related this story to my local staff to me that the local guards had sometimes been slapped by ghost, but none of the foreign staff had been slapped. When we moved to a new Embassy in 2006 I am not sure if the invite policy continued, but I think it probably has. The palace was sold to one of the richest families in town, but I have no idea if the ghost is still there.

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