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by Alexi
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It turns out, we all share similar problems everywhere.
“Do you ever feel alone?”


“Oh, sorry… Forget it. It’s nothing.”


“It’s just I’ve always felt alone looking out into the stars. I mean, I know now that I wasn’t alone in this universe, cause you’re here, but for a long time I felt alone.”

“I don’t know.”
“I never gave it much thought.”

“Oh forget it. I told you it was nothing.”

“No, no, no! I didn’t mean it like that. I just, it’s hard for me to think like that.
“I just never thought of it like that. It’s not nothing.”


“Sure. No problem.”

“Then what did you think as you stared off into space?”
“You did that too, right?”

“I did.”
I was just always amazed those nights when it got really dark and you could just look into the cosmos.”
“It doesn’t happen often.”
“All those stars are dead now, but at the time I didn’t know that.”
“It was like something totally unreal to watch the stars move across the sky.
“They flicker sometimes you know, and it’s like nothing else in the universe. Some are more red, others blue, but somewhere, somehow they exist, or existed, in the nothingness of space, defying all odds, just to be.”
“I guess I never felt lonely because I knew I was never alone. Even if those stars didn’t have life like us, it was still a miracle they existed in the first place. It’s a miracle we exist at all. I thought of us as similar. Both, just as impossible.”


“Sorry, that’s dumb.”

“No! Don’t say that!”

“That was… nice. It’s nice.”

“Thank you.”

“Of course.”

“I’m glad we’re not alone after all.”
“I’m glad I met you.”

“Me too.”

“Do you have to leave so soon?”

“The universe is a very large place, and I am just a very small being in it.”
“I want to experience it as much as I can before I die.”

“I can understand that.”
“Thank you for coming. I never saw anything quite like you in my entire life, but I’m glad I have now.“

“You’re just exaggerating. I’m really not that different from any other of my kind.”
“If anything, I’m just kind of boring.”
“There are lots of others better than me. You should meet them sometime.”

“I would like that.”
“I’m glad we got these final moments together, if this really is goodbye forever. I’m glad it was you I met.”
“You really are special. Even if you don’t think so.”

“I’m glad I met you too.”

“I should be going now.”

“I’m gonna miss you.”

“I’m going to miss you too.”

“Be safe, alright?”

“I will.”


“I’ll be honest. I’m a little scared.”
“Sometimes it can be overwhelming.”
“The leaving part.”

“I know.”
“But that’s how you know you are alive, right?”

“Haha, yeah.”
“I guess it is.”

“Thank you for existing in this universe too.”
“I’ll never forget you.”

“I won’t either.”


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