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Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2278270
About family that gets in the way of out and out terrorism by a daughter of EDF General.
Rose Snow, Space Explorer

Rose Snow: Age 18: Occupation: Space Explorer. She has a medium build on a five foot five built frame. She has long black hair, black eyes, and a fair complexion. She is an expert in demolition, martial arts, master of arms, electronics, terrorism, explosives, computers and networking abilities. She can be considered armed always with concealed knives and throwing weapons and small combat weapons of small caliber. Rose is extremely dangerous and should not be approached alone. She is wanted for fifty five counts of terrorism against the Federation of Earth, three count of extortion, five counts of hacking, sixteen counts of kidnapping, thirteen counts of petty larceny and theft. There is a million dollar award offered for her capture alive.

Colonel John Smith stared at the computer image on his computer screen of the youthful girl he saw there, a girl in her late teens, and labeled by the Earth Federation a terrorist. He stared at the round face, the dark hair and eyes and the masked face over the hooded head. He wondered about this youthful girl and what she had done to deserve such a title among the Federation heads at the Headquarters of Earth. The face was unremarkable as a human female, totally average to him, what they would produce in the middle-class civilians who lived and worked in the city. He did not know that Rose actually had a head on her shoulders and she learned to use it from an early age. She showed her parents her ability of working with her hands and with understanding electronics. She was a straight ‘A’ Student, by the school standards, but she hung out with the geeks of the school, the hackers, trouble-makers and less than average kids who were like her with their expert computing skills.

“And she’s a blasted kid.” He grumbled, turning his head and staring at the window at the hazy outsize atmosphere of pollution belonging to New York City, from which he now had come personally. Col Smith had come at the request of the Earth President to take care of this group of young terrorists banded by this young girl. They had caused havoc all over the grid, had hacked major databases and systems all over the Federation. They had been in search of information and were out to keep on the actions of the government. The same group who constantly kept the people in check with harsh taxes, stringent work days and information blackouts.

Colonel Smith got up from his desk, walking toward the window where he peered out over the smog-layer that spread out across the city, staring at the many high rise skyscrapers in which had been built long ago, that still stood after a centuries. He then peered at the green and blue Atlantic Ocean that lapped against the shore as ships seamed across its surface. Even though space travel and tram service had partially replaced this ancient mode of transportation on Earth, ships still carried passengers across the ocean. Not far, a ship sailed near the Statue of Liberty that still stood after more than three hundred years into the year 2256 AD.

Smith managed a grimace at the sight from his office, and turned away from the window. He muttered a curse. Turning he grabbed his keys, pistol, shades, helmet and gloves, heading for the door of his office. A few minutes later, he stood on the ground level, standing outside the office building/sky-scraper of official Federation Security Offices located in the city and he casually put on his glasses to narrow his eyes as he scanned the area in silence.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” He muttered, “Something is going to happen, and all fucking hell is going to break loose.”

A moment later, an explosion thundered from behind him, knocking him to the ground as laser fire ricocheted across the ground toward him. He rolled away to clear himself from being hit and watched as two security men, who stood nearby, were chopped to pieces as their blood splattered all over the ground. Another explosion thundered, and smoke billowed across the skyline and along the building’s architecture. Colonel Smith turned his head as he drew his pistol and stared at the gaping hole near by at the entrance to the building adjacent to his building. Laser fire lanced out as several youthful kids took up position as they started a fire fight between guards and themselves out front of the building.

“Colonel…!” A voice said, and Colonel Smith turned as Sergeant Joseph Watts ran toward him to salute.

“It looks like the rebels have taken up refuge in the Depository Building of Records, sir.”

“Yes, I see that.” He grumbled. Smith walked toward the rebels as laser fire ripped past him and totally calm as his walked toward the security men, his men.

Then he saw her. Rose appeared from the building corner, dressed in a black leotard jumpsuit, wearing a robe over the top of it. She carried a weapon, as she and an accomplice ducked and through the laser fire, heading toward the door. As always she had the mask on her face, the hood covering her black hair, dark eyes and round fair face. He grimaced at the sight of her from afar. He snapped his finger and a soldier threw him a spotter’s scope.

”You, take point and stand ready.” He ordered a young soldier, and the enlisted military personnel nodded, taking position and aim. The soldier positioned himself carefully, peering through the futuristic rifle’s scope.

As the soldier took aim with the rifle carefully, peering through the scope, he spotted the girl and her accomplice. He is a young man about six-one about one sixty pounds with long blond hair and blue eyes with a rugged, harsh complexion. The soldier’s finger casually found the trigger, brushing against the cold metal.

“I got the bitch in the sights.” He said, “This is going to be easy, I have the solution, sir.”

John peered through the scope, at the robed young woman in black, and waited as the soldier’s finger began to squeeze the trigger. A moment later, Colonel Smith gasped aloud as the young woman lowered the mask and a familiar face appeared in the scope. Her robe flopped open to reveal the thin, fantastic curves and narrow, but stocky frame of her body. Something about the young woman in black seemed familiar to the grizzled Colonel, and his mind whirled as he tried to think.

“Waiting for your command sir…”

“Scorpio…” He commanded, which is the code word to fire and the soldier’s finger found the trigger and squeezed the cold metal trigger firmly.

“That can’t be her.” John though to himself, “But she would be about twenty about now. It sure looks like… my daughter… Lisa?”

He gasped again, as her full face appeared in the scope and the mask dangled at her narrow throat. John struggled with a small unit on his wrist and a picture of his daughter appeared, about two years, on the screen. Another picture he had done that had her aged about twenty appeared there on the screen, and they matched perfectly. He managed a smile.

“Jesus, that’s my daughter! Hold…” His mind said, and he shook his head, “Hold up, hold, your…” he said with a cough.

“Hold your…” He repeated, and reaching out, he struck out with his hand to bump the rifle as a shot rang out.

“Shit.” He gasped. John immediately put the scope to his eye, peering through it at the young woman who had a laser shot strike her in the shoulder. It had thrown her back into the glass and through it with a crash. Another shot rang out from another angle and her accomplice fell to the ground with a shot to the head as he had turned to help her.

Colonel Smith stood up, and ran toward the terrorists with his pistol drawn, ignoring their shots as a couple struck him. He pulled the trigger of his pistol, shots ringing out, killing each one of them as he ran through them.
He hopped over the barricades, kneeling at the side of the young woman that he had the sniper shoot, and try to eliminate.

“Lisa Marie?” He gasped, “Is that you? What the hell are you doing?”

The young woman opened her eyes, grimacing at the voice, annoyed by the name.

“My name…. is Rose…” She challenged haughtily, and she peered up at the bearded face of her father. Something in the smiling bearded face seemed familiar to her too.

“Spare me the attitude.” He replied, “Just like your mother.”

“H-how do you know about my…” She replied with an astonished gasp, and stared at him.

“F-father…?” She asked timidly, and he met her stunned look with a twinkle in his eye.

“Yes, and you are under arrest.” He replied, “Unless you start explaining to me why the hell you are doing this?”

“I…” Lisa began to reply, but she immediately shut up, as tears formed on her face.

“Suit yourself.” He replied, motioning to the guards nearby, who with rather nasty looking rifles walked toward them. John did not see Lisa smile when she recognized two of her friends. When they marched her away, they walked her toward a nearby van-like vehicle, setup for medical triage. Colonel Smith watched for a while, before he finally turned away, not realizing they walked her in a different direction. They marched her away from the van, taking her away into a narrow alley. Here, a large round steel manhole was opened, and they disappeared into the underground tunnels making up the sewer. A moment later, there was a shout.

“Colonel…!” The guard said, “They’re gone!”

Colonel Smith ran toward the medical van and he saw it was empty, save a couple of soldiers who were wounded in the firefight. He walked toward another guard and there he saw two dead guards, stripped of their uniforms, and he knew they had been had.

“Search the area.” He ordered, “Set up a sonar probe immediately. If you see anyone out of the ordinary or her, shoot to stun, and not kill. Post guards at every medical facility in the city. She was wounded seriously, and they will have to have her patched up.”

“Yes sir.” A soldier said.

“We’ll get them sir.” Another soldier assured.

“We’ll get my daughter.” He mused, anger on his face, “Stubborn and disobedient like her mother.” He said, “If I see her she’s going to get more than shot or jail, she’s going to get a fricking spanking.”

And here he stormed off to the command post, as he returned to duty, figuring out what they were after at the depository today, in which a dozen terrorists were killed and many more escaped, freeing his daughter with them.

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